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Winterization Checklist for Closed Cooled engine?

I was looking for a checklist and couldn't find one for closed cooled engine, so I paid a local boat mechanic to come to my boathouse and show me how to winterize the LQ9 Caddillac engine on my 2004 Prostar 197. So I put together a checklist I thought I would share to see if I am missing anything. Let me know your thoughts.

2004 Yellow MasterCraft Winterization Checklist

1. Unlatch the motor cover hinge actuators from Floor
2. Fill Gas with Non-oxy gas and stabilize and run for 15 minutes to warm up
a. Can also do this on ground by hooking water hose to water intake on the bottom of the impeller pump after removing the hose coupling
3. Change Oil and Oil Filter
a. Unclip Oil drain hose from engine and put through drain plug hole
b. Empty oil
c. Put new oil 6 quarts in Yellow oil cap on top of engine
d. Change 8 spark plug and spray fogging agent in holes
4. Check the antifreeze temp mixture with Radiator tester
a. If not correct temp to -37 degrees, then empty the mixture by opening the middle plug on Heat exchanger
b. Mix up proper green/car antifreeze water solution and put back in Radiator cap intake
5. Heat Exchanger draining.
a. Pull 2 outside plugs 19MM socket
i. Drain water
6. Remove hose at the bottom of the transmission cooler and reattach
7. Unhook exhaust manifold hose, which is a hose connector and let the water out and reconnect
8. PUT PINK RV antifreeze through engine
a. Put 2 side heat exchanger plugs in hand tight
b. Pour 1-2 gallons of PINK into the bottom of water pump in front of heat exchanger under the impeller after disconnecting hose, use red flexible funnel while the motor is running
c. Shut off engine
d. Drain pink that is left in engine heat exchange side plug removal and unscrew hose coupling on exhaust manifold, and then tighten all three for next year startup
9. Recheck all connection and caps, and make sure they are sealed and tight
10. Disconnect battery and put on trickle charger
11. Ballast tanks
a. Pull bag and blow out with compressor or manually, and if necessary put small amount of antifreeze in bags, and pump assembly
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Well, I am not sure that you really need to add the rv antifreeze after draining the manifolds and heat exchanger. I don't. BUT i always leave the drainplugs out of the heat exchanger and leave them in a ziploc baggie with the hull drainplug that i ziptie to the steering wheel. I have noticed that with the plugs out while you move the boat around for storage a bit more water always comes out, so why not leave them out. Also you cant leave them finger tight if you intend to add the rv antifreeze, as it will leak out into your bilge.
A good idea is to take a sharpie marker and write on the ziploc bag what you did in the fall and what you need to do in the spring, or put it in your blackberry if you are that organized....

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Hi Strattonbr:

Good Checklist, I have the same engine and I have a few questions for you:

1. What type of Oil are you refreshing with?
2. Did u do anything to the air filter?
3. What type of spark plugs are you putting in (new)?
4. Can you show pics of the heat exchanger & drain plugs?
5. Are there any manifold or block drain plugs on this engine?
6. Can you show pics of the hose at the bottom of the transmission cooler?
7. Can you show a pic of the exhaust manifold hose & where it's connected?
8. Did you do anything for your heater core?
9. What type of antifreeze are you using? (i use napa)

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