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Old 10-11-2010, 09:08 PM
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1990 maristar ballast

I am looking to buy ballast for my 1990 maristar so I have a bigger wake to wakeboard. I'm not interested in wake surfing...it doesn't interest me at all. Does anyone have an early maristar with ballast and if so how much weight/ where did you put it in the boat? I am looking at two bags on each side of the engine and maybe some up front in the bow. Let me know.
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Old 10-11-2010, 11:00 PM
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1990 Maristar what???? 225, 240????
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Old 10-12-2010, 08:01 AM
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CantRepeat has it all figured out for a 210. Hopefully he will reply.
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Old 10-12-2010, 09:15 AM
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It's a 210...21'
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Old 10-12-2010, 10:59 AM
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Here is what he said in my thread...

My Maristar is a 92 DD and has a better ski wake then a wake board wake. With 600 lbs it's a pretty good wake board wake but with 1100 lbs it's an ok surf wake.

here is his video. Im sure he will chime in though

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Old 10-15-2010, 06:33 PM
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If you're only interested in setting the boat up for wakeboarding I would suggest two of Fly High's Pro X Series Fat Sacs along with a Tsunami pump to fill them. Take a look at our Direct Drive 1,500 package, there are some pictures of the recommended bag placement for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Even if you never use the boat for surfing this will give you a great wakeboarding wake for not much money.
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Old 10-16-2010, 11:59 AM
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Jason's on the right track. Get big sacks. Everyone recommended I add around 6-800 lbs in my wee PS190, for safety. I added the same 1500 lbs that Jason linked, and with 7 people in the boat it's at it's best. I've even let girls pull me (thanks perfect pass) without any water getting in the boat.
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