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Holding water forward of "mid-keel" bilge drain

I am holding rotten water forward of my 05 XStar mid-keel bilge drain.. bilge drain is the more aft of the 2 circular deck hatches near drivers seat in center walkway.... the forward circular inspector deck plate that unscrew for access to (I'm assuming) KGB ballast is where I'm holding water and also where the excess wire for my amps is stored..

I'm having problem w/ my amps not turning off and drawing battery down when boat is off so I was following the amp wires from where my battery switch is located in rear of boat to beneath glove box when I discovered this putrid water my amp wires are submerged in doesn't drain...there appears to be drain hole from this forward position to my mid keel bilge pump/T handle drain plug but either something is clogging it or it doesn't connect in the first place...

Sorry my pics are turned sideways! Top pic show bilge pump coming out of mid-keel bilge area and I've removed forward deck but the hole with my amp wires coming out is where water is being trapped... bottom pic is bilge area drain hole that appears to connect to area just forward where I'm holding water...
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