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Old 08-10-2015, 08:08 PM
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1990 ProStar 190 overheating

Recently went out in our boat that I purchased in July and it overheated quickly. Each prior outing it had run just fine. I shut it down and checked the intake. It was clear. My son started it up and there was no suction at all on the intake. The temp gauge went over 200 but I can't tell how high it actually got.

Drifted back to the dock but had to start it to maneuver around the piers. Turned it off again after we docked.

After getting the boat on the trailer I tried to start it and nothing happened. I got her home and removed the fresh water pump, basically the impeller was no more than a rubber shaft. I tracked down the pieces that I could find by removing the hoses. I replaced the impeller.

The boat still won't turn over so I suspect the engine might be frozen so I have started the Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder and down the carburetor routine. I am waiting a week for that to soak in, adding some each day. Some friends have suggested Kroil, PB Blast, or diesel fuel. So far I am just trying the MMO.
Additionally, the motor oil looks and smells fine. The block drains did drain water when I opened them so I suspect some water was getting to the block.
I haven't pulled the fresh water pump and tried to manually rotate the engine yet.
Any suggestions on other maneuvers to try.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 08-11-2015, 07:28 AM
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200 - 250 degrees is not that hot for the engine.... it can handle that for a bit... What was the oil pressure at? I doubt that you locked it up if you only had it running for a bit... It would of locked up while running and made a few noises.

Unbolt water pump and put socket on crank pulley bolt and spin her over...make sure all of the spark plugs are out. Turn engine to the left and right. With the plugs out and a 3/4 drive ratchet engine should move very easy... should not need more than one hand to do it.

Check the obvious things... battery voltage, circuit breaker, battery cables and starter itself. Verify voltage with a meter and see if it is just not another issue that popped up. Make sure the trans is in neutral, check teather.

Report back and let us know.
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Old 08-25-2015, 11:12 PM
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After changing out the impeller and tracking down the impeller parts that went downstream I took each spark plug out and pumped 10 squirts of Marvel Mystery Oil into each cylinder. I poured a few ounces down the carb for good measure.
Fast forward to one week later and I have taken off the fresh water pump and belt drive and reinstalled the three bolts that held the fresh water pump on.
I turned the crank with a breaker bar using the bolts to brace the bar. Turned over smoothly!
I reinstalled everything then cleaned all the connections between the battery and the starter including the grounding points.
She fired right up!

Thanks for the tips!

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Old 08-26-2015, 05:16 AM
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