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Old 07-03-2009, 11:09 AM
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[quote=Sodar;611181]My honest opinion is that the layout sucks for coolers, storage, etc. In my 197, the easy-up shade, beach chairs, and soft coolers go on the floor behind the driver's seat. They work great there and are not in the way for people to be stepping over. On the 214, if I wanted to store any extra items, it would be on the floor between the back seat and the observers' seat.... in the way of everyone. Besides all this, the boat does not have a damn sunpad!!

Thats what I was thinking, when I sat around in one and was thinking about the important stuff(coolers).. I also agree with sunpad thing, we spend alot of time in the back area of the boat..although the x14v is looking better in that area.. dont know about the cooler issue..
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Old 07-03-2009, 03:39 PM
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I have not slalomed behind the 214V, but I was steered away from it from a slalom perspective because of the V. Was told it's just not the same. My PS 190 had a lot of storage and yes, I did lose some hidden storage, but with the board racks, I really don't miss any of it. I like others on this thread am the slalom skier (old dad) and want the wakes for sure but the kids want the board setup. So I went for the DD. They get the tower and 3 ballasts and I get the slalom wake...:-) They basically took their performance hull design from the PS 195/97 and applied it to this configuration to get the performance. I would suggest that if you are really worried about it, go find a dealer and get them to take you for a pull.
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Old 07-03-2009, 04:14 PM
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I put my cooler in front of the wrap around seat on the port side. That is where the optional jump seat would go. I bought the jump seat with my '08, but didn't really like it. You do have to step over it, but it isn't a big deal to me. It also doubles as convenient seating. I often have people sit on it. So often that I've thought about having a padded top made for it to match the interior.

Alternately, I sometimes will put the cooler behind the motor box and passengers will put their feet on it. This is where the optional sunpad cushion goes. (How's that, Sodar?)

And occasionally it goes in the bow.

This isn't a small cooler. It's the coleman stainless steel 54 quart. But the giant ones fit these locations as well.

As far as the V-drive, I prefer the interior layout of the DD. Spreads people out.
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