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Old 02-09-2016, 04:30 PM
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Buying 2000 X Star: What to look out for

I'm looking at a 2000 X Star with roughly 800 hours on it. Pictures look good and seller says it runs great. My family has always owned Malibus and I'm not overly familiar with common issues in early-2000s X Stars (or early-2000s MCs in general).

I'm test driving it this weekend, so I'm wondering if anyone has advice on anything specific that I should double check or look out for when buying an early-2000s X Star. I'm mostly interested in common issues that may not be obvious.
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Old 02-09-2016, 04:35 PM
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Crawl under the trailer and check for rust. On one boat I was able to expand the diameter of the trailer drain holes with my finger it was so soft.
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Old 02-09-2016, 05:06 PM
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Some fabric in some of those years went bad - seams would fail so all the corner/cross stitching would begin to pull out. At this point if it isn't doing it, you have dodged that and likely have the good vinyl.

I believe it will have the infamous in tank fuel pump. Those were notoriously haphazard. Most seem to believe that you don't run them on less than 1/4 tank and you are more likely to do ok. I have an 03 X2 (same as an 00 X-Star) and mine has been replaced. You can do it yourself and there is even a thread on MCTT to rebuild one if you are really mechanically inclined.

Gauges, as in many years, may be an issue - fairly certain it has the Medalist series - you can still find them but I would check all of them during the test run.

They are solid boats with a clean, rampy wake. It will not be a very good boat for Surfing. It can be done but takes a lot of additional weight and even then it's not ideal. The new WakeShaper product may change that for all of us who own that hull.

Good luck!
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Old 02-09-2016, 05:12 PM
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Ill go ahead and be the guy to do this


Read over that, its general guidelines that are helpful. Not early 00's xstar specific but still worth reading.
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Old 02-09-2016, 09:13 PM
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Is the green one in Austin? I tested it a few weeks ago, ran fine without weight but hesitated with weight. Also check trans fluid because the transmission had a little more rattle than normal. Other than that it was a great deal.
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Old 02-09-2016, 09:40 PM
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I owned a 2000 Xstar for 11 years. I sold it 2 years ago, and now it looks to be for sale again. Below is a link so you can compare.


Basically a great boat. Great for wakeboarding, so so for surfing. The 2000's had these following general issues;
- some upholstery issues. Figure each seat is about $175-$225 to professionally re-upholster. Rear deck is about $500
- Fuel pumps are problematic for some. Mine never went out.
- 2001 is the better tower that folds flat should you have height issues in garage
- 2001 also had better rear hatch system
- perfect pass is a must
- Stickers will be hard to find to re-do the side.
- fuel gauge never worked right
- Mine hesitated when cold....would stall. Irritating.
- Boat is a bit narrow by current boat standards.
- handles rough water very poorly. If you go in big water, prepare to have your fillings rattled.
- Assume you will be replacing all of the toggle switches
- check for stress cracks around the tower mounts
- RTP engine is a bit worse than the LTR
Feel free to PM me with questions.

Good Luck
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Old Yesterday, 03:32 PM
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Yes, that's the one! The seller mentioned that someone had tested it (assuming it was you), but that it was running harsh that day. He did say after a tune-up it was running great, so hopefully that alleviates the hesitation (I'll know Saturday!), the tranny makes me a bit nervous, so I'll definitely take a close look there.

Thanks to everyone whose replied! Y'all have been really helpful
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Old Yesterday, 04:07 PM
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Nothing major with the transmission but not as smooth as my 205 but less clunky then my buddies newer x2. Good luck! Make him install the decals if you get it because those can be tricky to find.
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Old Today, 01:11 AM
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i wouldn't dwell on the fuel pump. if you are buying a 16 y/o boat, you need to expect to fix stuff. i replaced my fuel pump on my 02 as preventative maintenance using the fuel pump 101 thread on this site. cost me around 50 bucks. swapping the fuel pump was one of the easier jobs i've done on my boat. trouble shooting the northstar ignition was far worse. be prepared to replace the raw water pump and the recirc pump and the serpentine belt. none of these are crazy expensive if you do it yourself. i also wouldn't dwell on the vinyl. it's also 16 years old. my guess is that in a 2016 boat that was really used as a boat that in 16 years it will have vinyl issues. not that the old vinyl isn't flawed, but its old regardless. i replace a few of my skins myself every year and the cost isn't too bad and the work isn't too hard. the sun deck would be the biggest down side to a 2000 model vs a newer model. the one piece can be converted, but its a bit of a pain.

overall its a great hull that will hold its resale value for a long time if you take care of the boat.

oh yeah, welcome and good luck.
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Old Today, 02:30 AM
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Owned a 2000 Xstar that I put over 1200 hrs on with the LTR engine.

I only went through 1 fuel pump. That's was at 275 hrs. After that I always kept the boat at or above 1/4 tank and never had an issue. I can't say for certain whether it was luck or the fact I always did that, but I do know fuel pumps of that era were finicky as all hell.

The tower is the second major issue of "failure". That original zero flex flyer was built so stiff it really was zero flex. This created two issues. Spider cracking in the gel around the tower feet. Usually just cosmetic but always worth good look, and it made the welds prone to failure as there really was no give. Not a super common failure but I do know of a couple. So check the tower welds good.

The other major failure point was the MDC box. The speedo tubes ran though it and if the owner or dealership didn't dosconnect the tubes from the main box for
Winterization that thing we would toast for sure. Problem is now medallion only custom makes them and their price has gone through the roof. Talking 700 if memory serves me correctly. The good news is the boat will run perfect if that blows you just won't have any gauges. As an owner I just removed mine every winter and stored it in a nice warm spot. Probably overkill but it held strong.

Someone mentioned vinyl , I don't care what mfg you look at the years of 200-2004 were crappy for every single mfg. it had to do with epa guidelines in the materials so just check it.

On the gauge the oil pressure gauge always bounced around a ton. The oil sending unit to the main just always was finicky.

Lastly,,,, the tranny. It's going to sound clunky when you feather it in and out of gear. It's just that model's tendency. It's a noisy unit. Sounds like a hammer tapping the metal housing to be best describe it. Lots of folks ran regular oil ( same as the engine oil 15-40) in there to quiet the clunk down a bit. This was also in a service bulletin as well so MC recommended doing this as well.

All in all a simple boat to maintain. That's the beauty of this boat. You can wrench on pretty much everything yourself. Change the oil and tranny fluid on the recommendations and it should at least give you another 800hrs if it's been properly maintained.

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buy, x star

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