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Old 01-06-2009, 11:30 PM
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Ignition improvement

I anyone from MC is listening... here is an improvement for the ignition system: Add another step between "off" and "run".

Example of existing ignition: I want to switch riders and cut the engine... this means I go from "run" to off. If I want the stereo to still go, I turn another position left... the ipod reconnects to the head unit and a couple seconds later I have sound again. When I'm ready to go again, I turn the key through off again to start the engine. Now the ipod again cuts off, the vdig cycles, and perfect pass reboots.

Example of what it should be: I want to switch riders and cut the engine... this means I go from "run" to "accessories"... power is maintained through the stereo, vdig, and perfect pass. When I'm done I turn the key a couple positions right to start the engine, the key returns to "run" and off I go.

There probably are good reasons this is tougher than it sounds (like the maintaining the right voltage through the stereo etc while the starter kicks over the engnine), but it sure would be nice. I think this is the same way cars are set up... I know I can turn off the engine and my stereo, nav system, etc still continue running.
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