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Originally Posted by Davo View Post
thanks, Jim - so the bearing will not be an issue unless the alignment should be off for some reason to cause wear on the bearing or will the bearing wear under normal conditions and need replaced periodically?

how's about a visual check on the alignment - worthless?

no impacts to speak of....original prop and only minor wear.
The propshaft will skew in one direction or another if the strut is wacked. Assuming the strut is aligned, the motor would need to be aligned after the strut or if there's enough range, the order can be reversed. Either way, the propshaft alignment needs to be checked regularly.

If it's bad enough, it will show up visually but generally, since you can't see all the way around the shaft, it's not the best way.

"No impacts to speak of"- either it has had impacts, or it hasn't. There's no in-between.
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Originally Posted by wpauling View Post
the third picture depicts the wear on the shaft, and the final pic is an orientation photo for those of us still learning.
How much wear can a shaft have before it needs to be replaced?

I would guess any wear, but I don't know...
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