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Old 09-24-2016, 09:38 AM
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DIY Suckgate angle of the panel/deflector

I want to have a tread dedicated with people experiences with the different angles they have used for their Suckgate.

Most users avoid doing 90 degree and from the pics they appear to be around 80 degrees on average. With an adjustable Suckgate I have been playing with angles between 90 - 60.

Around 90 we get a flatter wave which is great for teaching new riders. Still a good amount of push but not enough to do any tricks requiring speed.

Around 60 we get a steeper/bigger wave with lots of push and we can lengthen out the wave by increasing speed.

I have modified my Suckgate to be adjustable to 50 degrees and we test it out soon.

Your are your experiences?

Also sorry for the large image, I assumed that the discussion board with limit its width.

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