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Old 11-03-2015, 01:40 PM
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2014 PS yellowing metal flake

We bought an awesome used 2014 prostar out of Florida. I have an issue with the swim deck and rear of the boat has a yellow tint compared to the rest of the boat. Its silver metal flake. My guess is the rear of the boat was exposed to the sun while sitting on the boat lift and oxidized. The rest of the gelcoat is flawless. My local dealer says for a couple grand he can fix it lol!!! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with such a new boat and any suggestions on DYI to remove this yellow tint?
Thanks, Mark
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Old 11-04-2015, 05:49 AM
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That could be a tough one if the sun has burned it in there. The metal flake has a clear gel on top and you can try wet sanding but be very careful not to sand through the clear bc you can get into the metal flake and it starts to smear. I would try a small area first and buff it to see if it makes a difference. I am a little surprised there is not some kind of warranty for that on a 14 even though you are the second owner.
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Old 11-04-2015, 08:43 AM
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Yeah MC says 1 yr on gel coat!!! Thanks for the advice
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Old 11-04-2015, 12:33 PM
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1 year...really? I would confirm with MasterCare. I thought everything was a 5 year warranty.

Rather than spending 2K to fix, I would buy a teak platform from Teakworld for a fraction of that cost.
- Andrew

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Old 11-04-2015, 12:57 PM
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are you sure there is not a plastic cover over the transom and swim platform? When I order my 16x30 that was an option I declined because I was afraid it would yellow over time.

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Old 11-05-2015, 08:02 PM
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Thanks for all the info and advice! there is no plastic on the swim deck or transom. I would think MC would cover this yellowing issue but my dealer says notta!
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Old 11-05-2015, 08:22 PM
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You get enough attention in this thread and they will. A 70k boat with tell issues already.....
Originally Posted by Hoosier Bob
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Old 11-05-2015, 08:47 PM
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Post pics for better advice. You may need to email TTAdmin to change guest status. Phil.Walker@mastercraft.com

If dealer already can't offer assistance, someone here may have advice.

Bryan, don't suggest the internet extortion avenue without at least seeing the actual condition and knowing the circumstances behind it.

I'm confident that if the issues are real, corporate will address them if done through the proper channels.
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Old 11-05-2015, 10:46 PM
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@johne thanks for the advice I will post pics asap. They agreed to replace the swim deck pad and have been great about fixing some other warranty issues!
Thanks, Mark
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Old 11-05-2015, 11:21 PM
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Got a few pics little hard to see it in the pics but in person with natural light outside its very very obvious. Notice where the stickers were removed on the transom.
Thanks, Mark
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