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Old 02-15-2013, 12:15 PM
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You are going to fall in love with Ambergris... I also had a 10 day trip there, but since I scuba dive, I had something to do each morning from 08:30 till about 12:00... After that, it was lunch time, pool time, Palapa Bar and Grill time... I never looked into ruins trips simply because after seeing Tulum ~1989, I find ruins about as exciting as watching the grass grow - I don’t think theres anything I could be less interested in to be honest.

To answer your questions:

1. I 2nd what Brian says - I wish we could get Belikin in the US. Even if you don’t like it, you're gonna need to learn to like it... The cartel is really a monopoly run by the Bowen family... So, you can drink Belikin, Lighthouse, or Guinness. What Brian said about the bigger bars carrying carrying imported beers, I can't say I agree with because not a single restaurant on the island that I ate at had anything other than Belikin or Guinness.

Wikipedia states this, which I unsuccessfully tried to validate:

"Belikin currently exports its Beer and Premium to a distributor in
Los Angeles, California. The distributor ships to select high end
alcohol stores across the United States."

I highly recommend that you go to the duty free liquor at the BZE International Airport and buy the max you can buy because on the Caye, it literally doubles. The only cheap liquor on the island is One Barrel Rum (and yes its very good). Drinks at the restaurants are weak - take waterbottles with cointreau and one barrel in them to spike your margaritas and daquiris.

2. Bugs... What are the trip dates? I think the bugs depend on the time of day you're outside. Dawn and dusk you'll definitely feel the mosquitos... We took 2 bottles of "Off" and I packed my thermacell with 4 butane bottles and plenty of inserts... The way we did it to get the butane into Belize (and Cozumel) was to pack 2 butane bottles in my check in bag and 2 in my GFs bag... That way we'd at least maybe get 2 in in the event they were confiscated. One thing that drives me insane are mosquitos... And I can't stress it enough to protect yourself from them as the chances of contracting Dengue and Malaria are there. In fact, blood centers will not allow you to donate blood when you return if they discover you've traveled to Belize (Brother in law tried to donate last month). The closer we were to the beach, the less the mosquito problem was...

Other than "Pineapples" the restaurant at Ramones Village, every restaurant we ate at was open air. I recall eating at "El Patio" and the no-see-ums and mosquitos were eating us alive under the table... I carried Off with me everywhere I went.

3. I don’t know if you read my TripAdvisor review, but I'll cut and paste in my restaurant list anyways:

We ate at Elvi’s Kitchen, Blue Water Grill, Pineapples (@ Ramones), Wild Mangos, Blue Water Grill, El Patio (take bug spray), Wet Willys (very fun karaoke and great cheap food), Fido’s (horrible live music) and Red Ginger. We did go to the Wahoo Bar once, but that was on Thursday night for the ceremonial “Chicken Drop...”

The best three meals were surprisingly not at any of the ‘fancy’ restaurants. Try a croissant egg n bacon sandwich and a hot coffee for breakfast at Geo’s Hideaway Café – next door the Tradewinds – cheap and delicious.

The food n drink and fun at The Palapa Bar on North Ambergris was awesome. Three Hints: One, we took some Cointreau and One Barrel to spike the weak drinks (mainly daiquiris and margaritas). Two, it is too far to walk to Palapa from Tradewinds – u need a cart. Three, have Lelo the cab driver or Glenn get you a golf cart rental. We ended up paying $50 for ours and they got another guest a rental for $30. BTW, it is worth it to go all the way north on the island to Portofino

OK, so so the BEST meal we had all week? Seriously, it came from a street vendor that set up shop just outside the Caye Mart. For $5 US, you got a smoked chicken breast with wing, slaw, beans and 2 homemade tortillas. It was so good that we bought 4 meals and put two in the fridge back in the condo.

Can’t wait to hear about your trip...

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