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Old 01-13-2017, 10:40 PM
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Had bought one for my 2003 ProStar...I had to do Three things things to make the New Style Wheel fit. 1.) First, buy a tapered keyed steering wheel hub with Correct bolt pattern to match steering wheel. 2.) Second, enlarge bolt holes in the new old style hub purchased. 3.) Thread/tap the new bolt holes. You need to buy a cheap drill bit set...In order to keep the bolt pattern in the hub correct, use three drills and step the size up to the correct size ~ that means start with small drill, go around hub with that size ~ 2nd drill, next size up, go around hub...get the picture ~ Now the Third and final drill size should be the drill size for the thread/tap...done Will post a pic later of hub.

On eBay..I would buy the complete set..wheel, center piece, center piece cap...plus it came with a hub...splined though...they do sell the tapered..so ask them to ship the hub you need.

I don't think Great Lakes has all the needed pieces...and the center piece is a special piece.

As you can see in the picture ~ Two Bolts Sizes....small original, Large is what the new wheel is going to require...In the pic. was in the process of drilling out the old hub bolt holes. As stated earlier had to find a tapered hub with the correct bolt pattern for new wheel and wheel center plate.
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Great Lakes skipper is what you see what you get in the pics. Good luck sourcing the center hub.
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MC parts has the hub #102311 $21.86 & the Cover Kit #102315 $59.43, I know you have to add in their crazy shipping cost but its gets you all the parts. Last year I bought one from the same guy on eBay and it came with the tapered splined hub, I didn't like the way it fit on my straight splined steering shaft so went with an adapter I found on eBay from the UK that enabled me to use the original hub.
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