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Originally Posted by MC25 View Post
I guess Iím not getting the issue here. I have had two bank chargers on my last three boats with no issues. Both having their own neg/positive, all three having basically the same size stereos and batteries. What am I missing?
I think it's become a little overcomplicated. My biggest question was whether I would run into any issues using a dual bank charger, connecting each bank to one of the batteries. The concern was due to the ACR being connected to both batteries as well, would the chargers 'backfeed' through it somehow. Even if they would, I would imagine any decent charger would be able to identify that and have some internal protection to prevent an incident.

Seems like consensus is a dual bank charger (like the first image in the thread), and just assume the ACR is smart enough to not allow charging from one battery to trickle through to the other.
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Originally Posted by lj_mastercraft View Post
You said "But in 1 or 2, your batteries are technically in parallel through a wire thats 14ga at best"

That's not true. In the #2 image I posted in the OP, of course they are. But in the #1 image, they're not. Note that the image says "DUAL BANK MAINTAINER". Meaning the charger is designed for two separate banks. There's no "splicing" taking place. Sure, it's a poorly drawn image, but that charger comes from the manufacturer with TWO sets of + and - cables. One for each bank. So that should never connect the two batteries together, as by design, they are independent.
Switch position #1 and #2, not image #, as we have established the image in question is the one with the single bank charger spliced to two banks.

), and just assume the ACR is smart enough to not allow charging from one battery to trickle through to the other.
no assumption needed, its not smart enough to know the voltage is from a charger or an alternator. With the charger on, the ACR will close, combining the banks. Less then ideal, but will not fry anything.

Short of converting to the Blue Sea DCP switch, you could wire in an AC relay that opens the ACR's control ground, when the charger is plugged in.
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