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Old 10-25-2017, 08:43 AM
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2000 X5 Steering Cable Replacement - SSC15419

As there are not a ton of X5 posts on TT, I wanted to provide a helpful tip to those of us living in the early 2000's boats. My steering was stiff (two handed steering), I greased, cleaned, and re-greased the steering components, but there was no major difference in tightness. Last night I replaced the steering cable with the Teleflex SSC15419 cable. Technically called SSC15419 HPS R&P Backmount TFXTREME 19'.

What a difference. I know it is not under any load, but I can turn the rudder with my pinky finger! For $150 on BoatstoreUSA, I spent the additional $8 to get the extreme which is supposed to be more robust than the SSC13419.

I hope this helps someone looking for the correct cable in this era DD Mastercraft.

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Old 10-26-2017, 09:55 PM
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Thanks for the tip...
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Old 10-27-2017, 09:22 AM
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I have the same boat and replaced my steering cable a couple of years ago with the same fantastic results. It isn’t hard to do, but isn’t a fun job.

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Old Yesterday, 09:37 AM
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I am thinking about replacing the steering cable on my 1991 prostar...would you recommend that I do it or or have it done at a repair shop? I replaced my throttle cable and it wasn't too bad..do you think the steering would be a lot harder to do?
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Old Yesterday, 10:33 AM
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Not a fun job but not too difficult depending on the individual boat. A ProStar 190 should be fairly simple. It's going to be different than the shift cable because you'll be dealing with the clamping block but other than that about the same.

I've done, I think 4 of these over the years and have kind of streamlined the process a bit with each one. The first one I did I was careful disassembling the cable ends before pulling the cable out but when I got to the second one I went another direction. On that one (and following cables) I used a bolt cutter to ends off at the steering rack and just before the clamping block. You're not going to use the cable again and this makes taking everything apart at both sides easier without the cable twisting and turning. It will also be easier to pull the cable through the hull without the end on it.

Now that being said it's important to use the old cable as a pull string and I've gone as far as to attach a separate pull string to the old cable before pulling it through the hull. This way if for some reason the old cable somehow gets pulled off I still have a pull string to use to route the cable.

Past that it's pretty straight forward and something that I'd at least try to do myself before paying to have it done. That is unless you have more money than time.
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Old Yesterday, 01:03 PM
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Agreed with bturner2. I had never replaced my cable before but wanted to try it before shelling out money for someone else to complete. It is very straight forward. If your steering is straight make sure you secure your steering wheel to ensure it is straight in the spring!

I used an old ski rope and tied it to the end of the cable that connects to the rudder and pulled that to the front of the boat. Then I tied that end to the new cable and pulled from the back of the engine. Make sure if you get snagged somewhere not to pull too hard. I knocked my oil drain line loose and ended up with a bilge with about 1 qt of new oil in it before I found the drips!

IMO it is a simple task and make sure to get the right cable. I do not think you have R&P, so it may be a touch more difficult connecting to the steering wheel, but give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.
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