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Old 07-27-2009, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by shunra View Post
As far as I know I still have the original cap. My cap is sligtly different than the one pictured above. I bet mine is the same as yours. Mine does not have a grip round the Circumference. It is almost impossible to turn by hand, you pretty much need to use the tool.

I am not near the boat to get a picture of the cap. Do you have a picture?

As far as I can tell my cap wasn't designed to be a vent.

I filled up again this weekend and tried to pay more attention to the sound. I belive it is suction. If you only loosen the cap sligtly the sound can last for several seconds.
I don't have a pic, but mine doesn't have the grip around the circumfereence either.. If I don't tighten the cap hard, of coarse I'll hear no sound next time I refuel. If I do tighten it hard, I hear a whoosh every time, and if i open it slow it can indeed last for several seconds.

It doesn't seem like a vent is designed into the system. It may be that those that hear nothing just don't tighten the cap as hard as I do. The first time I went to refuel I almost needed a lever arm as the simple cap wrench wasn't enough. I think it was made more difficult by the suction behind the cap..

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have a 2000 x-star and it does the same thing my cap looks like the one in the pic
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