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Old 11-19-2017, 08:38 PM
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Sorry for your loss LaRue. The passing of a close mate is never easy let alone your brother. Prayers and thoughts your way. Cherish the memories.
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Old 11-19-2017, 09:21 PM
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sorry for your loss larue
...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....
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Old 11-20-2017, 04:32 AM
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"Heavy" beer is for wine drinkers that are too embarrassed to drink wine in front of their buddies. "Light" beer is a drinkin' man's beer!
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Old 11-20-2017, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ahhudgins View Post
My first boat in the early 80s was a 15ft Dixie runabout with an 80HP OB. A few years ago I saw an inboard Dixie at a small used car lot and stopped by for a look. The owner told me that it wasn’t for sale because he was going to “fix ‘er up”. Fast forward to today and it still sits uncovered. According to Google, Dixie was a company in NC that has gone out of business. They made the boats in OB, IO, and inboard.
My Dad was a dealer for Dixie boats in the late 50's. At that time they only made wood boats that were pretty sharp. They had a 14 foot and a 16 foot OB type that were very pretty boats. They were just beginning to make fiberglass boats during those years. Also, during that time they had a big fire that didn't help but they survived that and built boats for more years. Don't know what happened eventually but in our area you could see a fair number of their boats on the local lakes. I have a good friend that still has his Dixie IO that has been well kept but he is the type that keeps all his stuff next to new regardless of age.
The plant was in Newton NC.
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Old 11-22-2017, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Of ski boats worth $150K
/ \

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Old 11-25-2017, 11:59 PM
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Saw this on my way home today. BMW 540 towing this byliner. We were on the freeway at the time in traffic but it cleared up quick.
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Old 11-26-2017, 12:48 AM
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i'm curious what is in that trash can looking thing on the rear of that boat.
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Old 11-26-2017, 12:56 AM
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^ Not sure which is a bigger hunk of schitt....the beemer or the gayliner, with a recycling can bungeed to the swim deck at that.
'06 X2 MCX

"I understand why some people may not want to do this the way I have recommended but I can't understand the death grip some people have on a toilet plunger with a hose fitting." -JimN
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Old 11-26-2017, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by h_2_o View Post
i'm curious what is in that trash can looking thing on the rear of that boat.
water or lead to reduce the tongue weight.
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Old 11-26-2017, 03:15 AM
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Why all the hate? He went Mastercraft with the upgrade.
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