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Originally Posted by John Johnson View Post
Frankly if the engine hours are misrepresented there are probably bigger problems and I would stay away without a survey.
Looks like a MMDC delete was done with Faria gauges. Which isn't a big red flag in of itself, as the MMDC in those years are known to be problematic (see the huge MMDC delete thread). The gauge hours are stored in the MMDC, so deleting it would reset the hours. The bigger issue is the fact that the seller wasn't upfront about it.

Originally Posted by Rosie25 View Post

Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, if not I am sorry.
I have been lurking these boards for close to a year now and have been in the market for a clean (2000+ due to the extra seating) 205V (Xstar) and found one that grabbed my attention.

The guy said he will take 19K.
475 hrs
Northstar LTR 330hp

1. In this picture of the motor, is the corrosion around the riser bolts and in general considered normal for a boat this age? Guy said boat has never touched salt water and that he personally knows the original owner that never used it in salt either.

2.The sun pad picture, the guy said he was trailering it this last spring and the cover came loose on the back, thus causing the damage shown. What are your opinions?

Besides these two concerns, the boat is very nice. Original interior is in what looks to be excellent condition, and the exterior looks the part as well with no damage or fading whatsoever ( i had the guy do a walk around closeup video)

Any opinions are appreciated that could save me from buying trouble.
Expect the vinyl to go out eventually, the fact that it is the original vinyl in this good of a condition shows that it got proper care. The 2000-2003 vinyl were very low quality and didn't last long under the slightest abuse. This was a problem across all boat manufacturers in those years, not exclusive to Mastercraft.
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