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He either has a very good knowledge of dwell and timing or a very poor sense of dwell and timing.

Notably a dwell meter can be useful setting up some electronic ignition systems, particularly those that have an adjustable gap of the sender as you can optimize the gap using such a tool prior to setting timing. Or most just ship a shim.

If you've ever set up an old lawn tractor magneto you'd remember the trick where you just let the magnet pull itself onto a feeler gauge - you can actually then measure how long the ignition is "open" by the trigger. So its one or the other either he's an extreme perfectionist who wants to hand tune the air gap. Or he ain't.
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Originally Posted by Miss Rita View Post
I'm pretty sure my mechanic ordered a new Pertronix Ignitor ignition module for me. Because he's so busy winterizing, I asked if I could have the part and install it myself, figuring it's a plug-and-play. I was hoping to save him some time.

He said that installation requires resetting of timing and dwell. (?) I know that the timing is dead-on at 10' BTDC, and I thought that the module takes care of dwell. Anyone know about this? I was unable to find useful information from Summit or Pertronix.
I ordered my Pertonix Ignitor ignition module and a new coil (need both in my case) from SKIDIM. Replacement was pretty much plug-and-play. I did check the timing after installation just to ensure it was correct AND it was off by several degrees. I think it had been set incorrectly by the PO. I had only owned the boat for a few weeks at that point, and it exhibited a hard starting issue which I assumed was a failing starter. Turns out once the timing was set correct it started and ran like a champ.
So...I assume that you could indeed replace it yourself and check/adjust the timing after you install it.
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