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Old 03-26-2016, 02:49 PM
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Post 1995 PS190 LT1+Powerslot One Stop Shopping List

Hi, been reading TT for awhile now and stealing lots of good info from it. I've been working on doing some deferred maintenance on the boat, so I've been looking at a lot of more random parts. I thought I would post all of my research/parts list in one spot for those that might be in a similar situation. After all, these boats aren't getting any younger. Hopefully this is helpful to someone.
  • Oil Type 4-5 qt Marine 15w40 or SAF 20-50
  • Oil Filter Napa Gold 1069; WiX 51069; K&N HP2002; AC Delco PF454 (PF25); Mobile M-1 302; Penzoil PZ-3; Purolater PureOne PL34631, PL20049; Bosch 3510 (tall)
  • Spark Plugs AC Delco MR43LTS (0.045 gap)
  • Impeller Indmar S685007 or 685007; Johnson 09-812B[-1]
  • Thermostats (2 required) 160F w/weep hole (top of circulating pump) and 143F (in triangle)
  • Water Circulating Pump GM 10128327 (casting); AC Delco 251-537 (temp?), 251-554 (heater hose); GMB 130-6073; Master Pro 58-445; Cardone 55-13815 (new), 58-445 (reman); Tru-Flow TFW 44035; Napa WP58445; Duralast DWP-9000; Murray CP5063; Gates 44035; Bosch 99149 (no temp sensor hole)
  • Belt Indmar 72-5010, Gates Micro-V K060390/6PK0990 (39/990mm, 6 groove)
  • MAP Sensor GM 466 (1 bar), Delphi PS10075
  • Fuel System Info
    - Fuel Pump Carter P60962 (37GPH, 120 PSI max), Indmar 556014
    - Fuel Filter (Main) Napa FIL 3481, AC Delco 89058397, Wix 33481, Purolator F33144
    - Fuel Filter (Inline) FIL 3482, AC Delco 25171391, GM 25055066, Wix 33003 (clear), Wix 33033 (metal), Wix 33482, Purolator F21111
    - Fuel Pressure 40 PSI
    - Fuel Tank Moeller FT3112 (safe for EtOH)
    - Fuel Pickups (In Tank) Walbro MP (Orig), now Walbro MP-12 and MP-16 (physical size and hose connectors are different, but work)
    - Fuel Pickups (Tubes) Moeller NPT Aluminum Withdrawl (033500-12 - 12 length, ⅜ NPT mount, ⅜ hose); can get 033500-24 for 24 hose
    - Tank Pickup/Sender Plate No longer made
    - Fuel Lines
    * Tank to pump/return: 2x10 ⅜ A1-15 hose (Orig = Moeller 034314LP; Trident 365; Shields 365/368; MPI 350; Novaflex 360-0-9)
    * Filter to Block ⅜ hard line w/16mm nut (Dorman 800-170) + 1 ⅜ A1-15 hose + ⅜ GM Quick Connect (Dorman 800-121 [metal], 800-082 [plastic], 800-086 [plastic, 90])
    * Block to Return (Fuel Pump) 5/16 GM Quick Connect (Dorman 800-120 [steel], 800-080 [plastic], 800-081 [plastic, 90]) + 1 5/16 A1-15 hose + 5/16 hard line TBD (22 exposed, ~24 long, double flare brake line nut)
  • Other Hoses (see here for pic)
    - Fresh Water Intake (#1 in pic) 2x 27 long 1 suction rated hose (Trident 250; Novaflex 250/149; MPI 250)
    - Circulating (#3 & 6, Triangle to Headers) 20 + 19 long 1 150psi hose (Trident 200; Novaflex 130; MPI 132)
    - Holy Grail Hoses (#4 & 5) Almost impossible (special order, see here)
  • Powerslot Trans - Hurth HSW 450 A2 = ZF 45 A
  • Trans Temp Switch (195F) 885178 (Bakes Online), Alto 99329, Velvet Drive 1000-140-004
  • Trans Oil, Capacity Dexron III, 2.5L (2.64 qt)
In general, I use a 1992 Corvette 5.7L OHV (P engine code in VIN) to find similar parts for the LT-1. So far, it's worked pretty well.

I also have a MC single axle trailer that I've done the UFP drum to disc brake conversion on. Trailer details are as follows:
  • Inner Bearing Napa L68149
  • Inner Bearing Race Napa L68111
  • Inner Bearing Seal Napa/SKF 16404
  • Outer Bearing Napa L44649
  • Outer Bearing Race Napa L44610
  • Brake Pads 97-00 Kia Sephia, 1991 Plymouth Sundance, 1991 Dodge Daytona, 1991 Dodge Spirit
  • Brake Rotor UFP DB35 (P21501)
  • Brake Caliper UFP DB35 (P21505/510)
  • Brake Actuator UFP A60 (P30141)

And finally, I haven't tackled this yet, but plan to, so here's the info I've collected on changing out the carpet:
  • Glue for Carpet FlorCraft (here); DAP Indoor/Outdoor (1 gal., Amazon)
  • Carpet Corinthian Carpet (PDX), 32 oz. weight lighter than orig, 14x14 for engine box, pre-mark screw holes, 21 x 7.5 for PS205

If you've got anything to add that I haven't covered, let me know. I know about the CPS thread, but haven't gotten around to adding that info yet. Also, if anyone knows where to get the service manual for the LT-1, please chime in.
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Lots of good numbers.
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Nice. I have an updated LT-1 winterization check list to post too. I now have everything but the impeller cross referenced to auto chain store part numbers.
1996 Prostar 205 LT-1
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and for the pinnacle for the MCOCD oil filter NAPA 41060
...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....
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Old 03-27-2016, 09:21 AM
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I tried to start a thread years ago w/ cross refs to parts...never caught on. Maybe the mods have a good idea as to where to put your list as it is impressively comprehensive and similar lists for other engines/model years would be awesome to have available
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Old 03-27-2016, 12:31 PM
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JohnnyB - I wish I had more than one MC to help you out with a list for other years/models. Sadly, just the one.

BTW, anyone know of a source for hose #2?
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Old 04-05-2016, 06:42 PM
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Adding the info I have found on the helm.
  • Teleflex Big-T Helm: SH5000P
  • Teleflex Sport Tilt Mechanism: SH91500P or SH91800P
  • Teleflex 17' QC/QCII Cable: SSC6117 (cable only) or SSC6217 (6117 cable + SA27620P QC adapter, required for older helms/Big-T)
* Note that Teleflex is now Sea Star.

I've got a new helm coming, so will see if it helps resolve hard steering/play (current helm is slowly oozing oil/grease out).
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Old 04-05-2016, 06:54 PM
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Great post, thanks!

It now reminds me to get a new belt....
- Jeff

1994 205, LT1
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Old 04-26-2016, 02:48 AM
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Just an update on the helm stuff. So after ordering the SH5000P and finding it didn't fit, I did some more research and found the following:
  • The actual helm is the SH91525P which is the tilt version of the Big-T helm.
  • The tilt version of has a flat end with a hole in it vs the non-tilt that has a threaded end.
  • Unfortunately, the SH91525P was discontinued in 2007.
  • The hole pattern on the newer Big-T helm is wrong vs what was installed on mine.
  • The SH5000P (Big-T non-tilt) can be machined down to fit if you change the shaft support tube from the old to the new. That has the added benefit of making the mounting hole pattern fit.
  • The Teleflex/Sea Star recommended replacement is the SH915231P.
It cost me about $75 to machine the non-tilt down, which was about what it would have cost me to return it. I'm picking it up tomorrow, so we'll see how well it fits.
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lt1, powerslot, prostar 190, ps190

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