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Old 07-05-2007, 04:28 PM
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How Did It All Start??/ What's Your MC/Boating Story...

I stole this idea from another boat forum, but I think this will be a great topic of discussion, with many great stories and memories!

Who, What, When, Where and How did you get into boating? What was your first boat, first place you went, etc ...
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Parents were boat people. Mom skied and dad skied and fished. Grew up being a wally behind the old Top Tenner bassboat. First skied at 7. Jumped for the 1st time in college. Made 6th try at heli and 12th try at flips. Tought myself to foot after college. Got a job skiing and the rest is history as they say!
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I was 7 when I learned to ski behind a Sea Breeze boat. We moved on a lake when I was 11 and my dad bought a used Dorsett boat with a 4 Cyl. I/O...........I ran the heck out of that boat.............In college learned to trick, jump, & barefoot.........

My first MasterCraft was a 1982. Then I bought a ProStar 190 in 1998. And now have a 2006 X-1.

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Old 07-05-2007, 04:47 PM
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In 1984, I went to Camp Longhorn (Ranch Branch) in Burnet, TX. A friend of mine who was at camp with me was going to a friend's lakehouse (I knew the guy, too) for the week after camp. When my parents picked me up, it turned out that we had been invited up to the friend's lakehouse, too. It became an annual tradition for several years after that. They had a Deck Boat center console I/O built by "Deckboat" in Gatesville, TX (I would later own a "Ski Deck" built by the same company as my first boat. The house was on Lake LBJ in "Blue Lake Estates." Great deck at that place.

Anyway, the friend's dad would pull us around on zip sleds for hours on end. Later, he taught us to ski tandem, then later slalom.

He (the dad) passed away a few years ago. I owe him a debt of gratitude for the patience he showed getting me up on slalom. Very time consuming process.

Here's the boat.

Previous: 1993 Prostar 205

Red 1998 Ski Nautique, PCM GT40, 310 hp, , Acme 4 blade, Perfect Pass SG/Zbox.


Be kind. Have fun.

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Old 06-23-2016, 11:31 PM
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This is crazy but I think I own the boat in that picture, a family member bought a house on LBJ and it came with a boat and it is that exact boat same color and all that was in the late 80's and it's been sitting under a carport for 20+ years my grand parents gave it to me I am now in the process of rebuilding it
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Old 06-23-2016, 11:51 PM
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When I was 16 my friend was invited up to his friend's cabin on Bass Lake, in Indiana. Thankfully, he brought me along. His friend's dad had a new jet boat that could pull 7 skiers at once and had an awesome hole shot. One of the kids we were with was a high school jock who had never skied before (we hadn't either) and was bragging how he would get up on the first try. We watched him face plant five or six times before he finally got up, although only briefly. My friend and I skied right after him and both of us got up on the first try and had no trouble staying up. Skied on and off on vacations in Minnesota until I finally got a Rinker 135hp I/O eight years ago. It just about killed me every time I tried to get up as I drank half the lake. Finally had enough and just bought a '94 Prostar 205 this spring. Looking forward to a great summer on the water!
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Old 07-05-2007, 04:48 PM
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I got hit in the head by a fast moving boat while swimming when I was a child, and I have loved them ever since.
Skidog, dont forget to take your Geritol.

Originally Posted by Upper Michigan Prostar190
On a different note: I like LOTS of snort comin' out of the hole.
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When I was 14 I took my dad's deck boat he had just purchased out on Gun Lake which is about 4 feet deep everywhere. I achored out in the middle and we swam with some girls all day. When It was time to leave we were going to race the girls back to the Marina and I jumped in the boat, fired it up and hammer down. Lest I forget to pull in the anchor which is extended five feet or so off the end of a cleat when I hear loud WHAM!!.

I stop the boat, I go to the rear and I see a rope sticking out of a hole in the hull the size of, you guessed it, the anchor. I had a hard time explaining that one to my dad.

Somehow he did not kill me and I have been loving the water ever since.

True Story....
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Old 07-05-2007, 04:48 PM
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Didnt start skiing til 12 or so behind Dad's hotrod bass boat. First inboard I ever skiid was a MC at Ski Texas in the late 80's and I was HOOKED (spoiled - ruined - whatever you wanna call it)! I've skiid pretty much all ski boats imagineable and settled on MC!
Owned and skiied various inboards for the past 12 years and lovin my world record towboat!
Originally Posted by TX.X-30 fan
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My moms parents have a place where my mom has been goin for 25 yrs on a lake they started out with just a pontoon boat they used to bring me on that to fall asleep when i was a tot. Then my mom married my dad and my dad grew up with a MC and told them to look outside and there was a brand new mc sitting there in the front yard
What do u call a life dedicated to hockey and mastercrafts i call it a time well spent

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