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Old 08-10-2011, 08:15 PM
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I have the TBI in my 205, no slot and run a 13x12 Acme prop. I weigh about 210 an it has no problem pulling me footin long line. And never once did I ask for "more speed"
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Originally Posted by VTJC View Post
I have experience with a 98 MC SportStar(95-97 Prostar Hull) with an LT1 with a 3 blade prop 1:1 trans and a 99 MC SportStar with a 350 TBI (310 HP) aka as Predator with a 4 blade CNC OJ prop 1:1 trans. I owned the 99 and it was very comparable to the 98 with LT1, which is a friends that I still ski behind. The LT1 might have a slightly higher top speed, but with the CNC OJ I found the 350 TBI pulled harder pulling a skier up. If I where shopping for that era boat again I would go with the 350 TBI I think itís a simpler motor electronically with less to brake and cheaper to repair and replace if necessary. If you search the forum, there are some great threads on the hull histories. Good luck with your boat search.

The SportStar/X5 a great way to get a newer boat, with simpler interior for less $ than the ProStars. Check out http://www.mastercraft.com/market/sh...uct=4164&cat=5
in 98 the SportStars standard engine was a 305 TBI(LT1 optional but rare), but in 99+ the stock motor was 350 TBI.
That 99 is a Vortec and 35 more hp than the TBI in 94. But the TBIs were always good for some strong mid-range torque.
Previous: 1993 Prostar 205

Red 1998 Ski Nautique, PCM GT40, 310 hp, , Acme 4 blade, Perfect Pass SG/Zbox.


Be kind. Have fun.
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Old 08-10-2011, 08:28 PM
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I always run mid grade fuel in my LT -1 unless I am camping, then I just pour in regular because we are burning so much of it. Didn't realize it required premium only???
Need LT-1 parts?
OIL FILTER: Factory installed is a Penzoil P23, Afta market brands, AC Delco PF-454 and a Fram PH-13 or PH-30 will work.
SPARK PLUGS: AC Delco MR43LTS (gapped to .040")
FUEL FILTERS: AC Delco 25171391 (pump inlet side)
89058397 (pump outlet side)
IGNITION WIRES: Call Inboard Online @ (877) 327-7175 and order part numbers 556010A (odd bank) and 556010B (even bank)
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I've owned 1 TBI ('95 190), and 2 LT1's ('97&'98 190's). All 1:1 trannys. You'll have no issues with either performance wise, so I'd buy the boat based on condition first, regardless of motor. The LT1 does have a cool factor though, if you have the hood up! AWSA approved the LT1 w/ powerslot for record capable tournaments, so there are plenty of them out there. As mentioned, a slot will provide a snappier hole shot, and a slight reduction in top end. If you want a little extra oomph out of the TBI, use a K&N air filter and lube with Royal Purple. It won't be a huge difference, but you should gain a couple mph top end.
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Old 08-11-2011, 11:35 AM
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'97 PS205, LT-1, 1:1
I've had no trouble with this engine, I run 89 octane per owner's manual. Starts every time. Plenty of pull. If someone couldn't get up on slalom, it was because they couldn't hold on or had too many cold beverages. I've not been in a boat with power slot, but I don't think it is required with the LT-1, especially if you are looking at a 190(smaller than 205) and your previous boat was a carb w/ 240hp.

But I do understand the concept of "If your going to do it, do it right!"
"Filling my potential would really cut into my sitting around time!" - Bamford
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Old 08-11-2011, 12:11 PM
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As everyone can see hpwise, TBI vs. LT-1, is year dependant. Compare apples to apples. A '94 standard TBI (non-Vortec) makes 275hp, '94 LT-1 about 305hp. Post '95 both engines, hp ratings start a bump up. Actually, pretty easy to get 35hp, out of a TBI engine. There's lot to be said, about good dumb engine.

PowerSlot wise, does the large diameter propeller, give a more stable pull?
When I pulled Kyle (behind my '94 205) last year, he really worked me over. The Dude can ski!

So, it comes down to price. Would I pay extra $$ for an LT-1? No. Extra for an LT-1 and a Power-slot? Maybe. Show me maintainace records. How much more?

2004 Red/White/Black something or other.

Formally, 1994 RED Mastercraft 205, Chevy 5.7 TBI.
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My last boat was a 94 with TBI and a slot, current boat is an 96 LT-1 with one to one. Both are great boats. I would buy the one that is in the best condition. I doubt you will have any regrets with the TBI, I never thought my 94 was under powered in any way. I do agree LT-1 with a slot would be great, but not necessary.
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Old 08-11-2011, 02:17 PM
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In the car world the LT1 made 90% of it's rated torque from idle to red line, the TBI's usually had more torque off idle due to the head design and the vortec head was designed off the LT1's head although cast
1981 MasterCraft
19' Skier 351W PowerSlot
Long gone is the Trans AM waiting for another
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Old 08-11-2011, 04:03 PM
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I'm partial to my 94 TBI, 1:1. I think the 94 is the last of the great handling boats until about 98 or 99, JMHO. You can make a very simple mod to the TBI engine; get rid of the cast iron manifold and put on an Edlebrock aluminum manifold. Very easy to do but before you do it, take some time and smooth the runners inside the intake. You will be amazed how the boat runs. Hardest part about this is taking the new intake to the machine shop so that can match the TBI ports, standard Chevy TBI units were a bit smaller than the one MC uses for the 350. MC used the ones of the 454 engines to get more fuel.

But I agree with all others, get a boat that's been loved and taken care of which usually means all things were taken care of including good maintenance. Good luck
1993 25th Anniversary Limited ProStar 190, #17
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Old 08-11-2011, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by bret View Post
and put on an Edlebrock aluminum manifold.
Would you happen to have the Edlebrock pn?
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lt-1, prostar 190

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