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Old 10-05-2009, 01:38 PM
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what path does water flow through block?

I cannot find a source to explain the exact path water takes as it flows through the block (of an LTR specifically, which i believe is regular cooling). If you can help explain this, I'd really appreciate it..

Seawater intake>Seawater pump>thermostat housing>routes fresh water to both exhaust risers (where it will exit with the exhaust) and also delivers fresh water to circulation pump>???.

What i don't understand if the circulation pump is pumping water into the block that is coming from the thermostat housing, where does this water 'exit' the block?? Does it come up through a hole underneath that thermostat housing and circulate back to the pump over and over? It makes sense that in the 'thermostat housing' would lie the thermostat, which would determine how much circulated water to mix with fresh water to maintain the desired engine temp.. But since I don't see this 'recirculated' water source entering the thermostat housing, I'm assuming the water is coming up from underneath the housing itself, and that indeed the direction of water flow is from up out of the block, through the housing, back to the recirc pump at the front of the engine, and into the engine again..

I did locate a drawing of the LT1 cooling system, which i believe is reverse cooling, and it seemed completely different than the LTR...

Also, I'm amazed the system can 'dump water' into the exhaust exiting the boat. Seems the exhaust would be under more pressure than the water pressure of the cooling system, and at the point that the two 'met', exhaust would try to flow backward through the cooling hoses rather than water flow into the exhaust stream.. But I'm obviously wrong on this because this isn't what happens.. I guess if you're far enough downstream on the exhaust the average pressure is less than the pressure of the cooling system, and this pressure must be low, since it is an 'open' or non-pressurized system...

Anyway, any help with the cooling system explanation would be very appreciated..

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cooling system, ltr, water flow

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