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Old 07-01-2013, 08:03 AM
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Dragging brake, caliper, and reservoir problems

Ok guys, here is my problem. My last long towing trip with the ’08 X2 I notice the gas mileage went way down. I jacked up the boat and trailer and spun the wheels. The right side spun several revolutions before coming to rest. The left only made it a half to 1 revolution. I took that tire off and saw the caliper in the picture. It doesn’t look like it is retracting all the way. Am I right? It also doesn’t look like the rubber is resting correctly. I have been reading many posts about the reliable caliper being junk and you should switch to the Kodiaks. My calipers are the Kodiak 225. Is this the right one? I called Orielly’s and they told me they can have one here for $36. Does that price sound right, seems too cheap to me.

My next problem is I pulled off the reservoir cap and saw the rusty fluid in the picture. I think I need to drain, clean and refill the reservoir. What is the best way to do that? Also, what do you guys do to bleed the brakes? How do you actuate the plunger on the tongue? I noticed the Kodiak caliper has a bleeder and some other cap. Is there something you need to do with the other cap?
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