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MasterCraft Upgrade Instructions from Clarion to Fusion

So I got this document from my dealer on how to do the upgrade. Its for an X-Star but the X-Series is similar just with one fewer screen.

This document contains the part numbers.

The Fusion remotes contain their NEMA cables and terminators and the Fusion IP700 Headend contains the special Red Cable that translates the IP700 NEMA to standard cabling.

You may need at least one or two more 20ft NEMA cables depending on your boat, how you run the cabling, and how many remotes, and where you put them.

What is NOT included is the Blue Connector cable ( 1 for x-series, 2 for X-Star) (see pictures in this thread) that plugs into the Deutsch connector(s) and the Deutsch connector pins, however if you have an extra NEMA cable or old device with a NEMA cable lying around you can cut off the end of that cable and just make sure to wire it on correctly according to the schematics.

So this is the link to the Fusion Upgrade: https://db.tt/0pKYReln

This is the link to X-Series Stereo wiring schematic: https://db.tt/KZmIZMKP

Thsi is the link to the X-Series boat schematic: https://db.tt/A5dZCCB2

If the links are broken just PM me and I'll send them to you.
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