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Old 05-06-2016, 08:15 PM
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Question Need some help with amp settings/setup?

I bought my 2008 X45 from a dealer and the previous owner had a bunch of work done to the stereo system. It has four tower speakers and 6 cabin speakers, with the extra two being an additional pair of JL 7.7 and tweeters installed down by the feet at the rear of the oat. In addition to the factory sub, they added an arc audio sub (13'?) under the drivers area (see pics). They also swapped the factory smaller amp with a ARC Audio 900.6 amp.

Unfortunately when I first got it I couldn't figure out why the additional subwoofer wasn't working so I started hitting buttons without thinking about remembering how they were set (stupid) and now I'm not sure if I've got the settings right. Turns out the additional ARC subwoofer was disconnected t some point so that's why it's not working.

My questions are:
  1. Can anyone tell me about how this is connected/Is this setup powerful enough to run both the factory sub and the additional ARC sub?
  2. Can someone tell me if the settings on the ARC audio amp are correct based off the pictures below? (full/high/bridged for front and rear?) I think this amp is connected to the tower speakers? It has black wire going to it versus colored wire, not sure which was factory. I highlighted in red the buttons I was messing with, I also jacked with the "center" settings but not sure what those do? I also messed with the "Sub" buttons but I don't think anything is connected to those so not as worried about those settings unless someone wants to give to me for good measure.
  3. Where would I plug in the newer sub at? You can see the disconnected wiring for it in one of the pics. Really curious as to why the previous owner disconnected it?
  4. Any idea what the two knobs are that they added by the ballast switches? It also looks like theres a fuse/breaker for them? They don't seem do anything when I mess with them.

*Note I didn't mess wit the JL amp settings but would love to know how those look as well.

Thanks for any help on this, obviously difficult to tell install details from the pics. If all else fails I guess I will have to swing it by an audio shop to figure out how to best make sure this is set properly after I jacked with it/possibly improve it?
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Old 05-06-2016, 08:50 PM
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Wow! 6 chnl jl amp with chnls 1 and 2 @ 2 ohm and chnls 2/4 bridged, 5/6 left unused and the Arc ks 900.6 has nothing hooked to 5/6 that I can see.

Your red box looks to circle the setting for chnl 1 - 4 and wont effect the sub, which should be on 5 and 6.

Sorry, theres no simple quick answer. Would take some time to study the setting and put together a plan.
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