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Old 05-29-2010, 05:13 PM
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I hope to see the resto on your boat. I will be sure to keep tabs on your post to see how it is comming along. That will be a great thing to get your boys to help you out so they can learn to work on it and fix it. Have any more pics of the boat?
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Old 05-30-2010, 02:15 AM
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waterlogged hull

Originally Posted by bkhallpass View Post
Hey that's good news. I haven't worked on an MC of this era yet, but I suspect I will sooner or later. If there is no foam around the vent hose, that's a really good thing, and was a smart design. It is a big problem on CCs of that vintage. I've seen the floor off of Supra, Supreme and Malibu. I was thinking in my minds eye that the hoses ran through the foam on those, but I dont' have any pictures, and I'm just not sure. All three had a lot of plywood rot issues and wet foam.

Where is the foam laid on your 83MC? Along the outside floors, and under the bow? Nothing in the center?

I would still be very surprised if the foam on this particular boat is not wet. Ski king suggested that water intrusion was sometimes a concern for MCs of the era. But even if not the case, the boat was apparently full of water for a couple of years. Even if completely sealed, water can eventualy permeate polyester fiberglass resin.

Thanks for the information.

As the pictures partially show, the bilge runs down the center of the boat from under the windshield to the transom. This area is open, has a gelcoat surface and no foam. This is where the wiring, and steering, throttle cables, fuel line etc.run The vent from the front deck is ducted into this area as well. Air is then drawn through the bilge and out of a vent on the transom with the help of a blower in the rear of the boat. The foam is located in the area between the hull and the floor adjacent to and in front of the bilge. You may want to weigh the boat to see if the foam is waterlogged. The original boat weighed about 2200 pounds if memory serves me correctly. These are great boats when restored, but I could understand not wanting to get into fixing a waterlogged hull. Good Luck.
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Old 06-22-2010, 09:06 PM
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Just put a rebuilt 351 in my '82 S&S engine only ran $1600 with a 3 year warranty. Didn't want to mess with it and had a shop put it together. Runs like it is 1982 again. Caveat, had new carb, pointless MSD set up and a few other things over the past couple of years. Never get the heads done without doing the rest of the motor, pistons get jealous and try to jump out through your block.
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hull number, rebuild, restore, stars and stripes, vin

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