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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
I got the prop yesterday and I decided to polish it up a little bit. You have to love Mothers Metal Polish. It still needs a little work to be nice and shiny, but then again who will really see the thing? I found out my neighbor also has a prop puller for his SN that he will let me borrow, so that is one less thing for me to have to purchase. It is nice having a neighbor with that same interests as me, even though he is nearly 20years my senior.
Mothers metal polish is the best. I use the power ball with it to polish my snowmobile tunnels.

I'd recomend getting your own puller now that you have a spare. Just in case. Keep it in the boat and that way you don't have to call up your neighbor or tow the boat all the way home just to change the prop. OJ has a neat kit that has everything and it fits your prop in the box all in one nice case. Its almost $200 but well worth it. I just go one. Eric was cool. Told me to send my old slightly damaged prop and he would reman it for free since I bought a new prop and weekend saver kit. Dropped $800 though
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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
I just purchased an OJ 13x13 4 blade prop for my 94 prostar 205 off ebay. It will not get here until next week and hopefully I will be able to put it on and try it out. I am not sure how much difference I will be able to see until I get the ballast bags set up. Does anyone that has this setup have any good info as far as noticeable differences?
Should it have a better low end?
How much top end do i sacrifice (not too concerned, but curious)?
Will it hold a constant speed better?

I did send an email to Eric Johnson and he said that this will be a very good overall prop, but that is about all I got out of him.
FWIW, when I changed out my 3- to 4-blade, 98 Sportstar 19, the increase in torque was quite obvious for getting out of the hole, and the top end was lowered, just slightly, but who cares when you ski on Tokyo Bay since you don't top end so much there.

The biggest difference I noticed is that I had so much better maneuverability for docking and in tight quarters. The LH rotation effect was also more pronounced and therefore easier to take advantage of. Made this true novice look even more like a pro when pulling alongside the dock (...head in with starboard side towards dock at a 30-40 degree angle, keep way on by going between in-gear and idle, and then hit reverse fairly gently when bow is close to the dock, stops forward way and stern swings right next to the dock. Learned it from you'all.

PS I have an extra 3-blade OJ 13x13 cupped 1-inch dia. reconditioned prop by Tacoma Propellers. PM me with what you want to pay if you need it.
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