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FAST Anti-freeze fill & Spring recapture: 190 ProStar 351 pleasurecraft winterize tip

My wife and I bought our 1982 MC in 1983, before we got married. Now our kids are leaving college! I should have made this FAST antifreeze system years ago. Our boat still runs GREAT- no overhauls in 35 years!

Our basic winterize done 95% of the winters:
0. Treat fuel with Stor N Start & run long enough to get through carb (entire fuel system)
1. Bog down engine with about 1/2 can of foaming "Marine Engine Stor" (CRC) through holley carb. (not sure how to do with modern engines). Add throttle to keep it barely running until it's really smoking out exhaust (foam oil in cylinders is partly burning)
2.Drain lake water via 5 plugs (2 are in exhaust manifold)
3. Take pump apart, remove impeller & loosen belts
4. Reinstall 3 engine drains; leave exhaust drains open.
5. Refill with antifreeze until yellow drips out of exhaust manifold drains.

Number 5 was ALWAYS the hardest part!!

Now, I finally made a simple wooden bracket to securely hold a funnel to the dock structure, several feet above the engine. Funnel from walmart. Pour antifreeze here! This pressure feeds antifreeze into a simple 1/4" pipe thread fitting with valve and hose nipple in the LOWEST engine block drain. You keep pouring antifreeze (about 2.25 gallons) until it drips antifreeze color from both exhaust manifolds. EASY I had a quick release hose clamp from McMaster car that makes attaching the funnel holder to the 2" square dock pole fast & easy.

This worked so well I'm putting 5 quick empty / fill fittings on all the drains. Pulling the plastic hose off the nipple, you can quickly drain all the drains into cut off milk jugs, and then back into the anti-freeze bottles for re-use (the Propylene glycol is VERY poisonous for fish & lake animals)

photo attached (I made 2 fittings like the top one, one for the elbo and one for the LOWEST drain, which is used for filling all antifreeze, and draining most the antifreeze through the tube, passed through the hull drain near the ski pylon. (So 5 fittings total)
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