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Old 12-08-2010, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
The transition truly amazes me from how Favre was the savior of the Packers by being the one to release them from the 29 year rebuilding program and pretty much could have run for Pope is the decision was based on WI, to he is the dregs of society who never really played all that well and we are glad he is gone. Seems to be a lot of really hard feelings that all the Pepto-Bismal in the world won't resolve. The funny thing is Vikings have not felt any of the heart-wrenching pain the Packers felt during the will Farvre play or retire days.

There is an "I" in team...........Business. NFL teams are a business first, though they are usually owned by someone who is so loaded they view it as an amusement. When that happens there is no guessing what will happen. Ziggy Wilf, owner of the Vikings, is a great example. He is a big fantasy football guy. Everything is statistics to him, and that is probably his thoughts behind having Favre in MN. But stats don't necessarily make a winning team
Even a hot babe can be seen as a POS if she pulls enough crap over a long enough time. Let's see what he did-

Good things:
He threw a lot of TD passes. He was generally unable to think that they could lose- a valuable characteristic when the other team is winning. He took them to the Super Bowl twice.

Bad things:
He often threw passes to his receivers that should have gone OB. These are called INTERCEPTIONS and he's leading the league in this category again. He fumbled quite often. His enthusiasm kept him from thinking logically. He played hurt and decided that taking a load of Vicodin and a few beers was a good idea. He didn't necessarily tell the trainers how much pain he was in and played, anyway. These cost the Packers and now, the Vikings, a lot of games.

His passing skills are impressive and he still has a great arm (provided his shoulder injury doesn't cause permanent harm) but by not throwing the ball away, he lost playoff games and one Super Bowl. Holmgren was asked if Favre has ulcers and coach replied, "No, but he is a carrier".

It was a good run but over 20 years, it was incredibly aggravating. The Vikes have only had him for a couple and the bad things he did got very, very old. Exciting? Absolutely. Come from behind victories? Many. Games that seemed to be in the bag and lost in the final seconds, dam skippy.

For all of the comments that the Vikes owner is a big stats guy, having Farve on the roster is a dichotomy. If Favre always threw the ball OB when there was a good chance that it could be picked off and if he always did the right thing, he'd be seen as a good risk. Wilf is a real estate guy and I think he would have made a different decision re: Favre if he had come from the insurance industry.
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