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Old 05-08-2013, 11:46 AM
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Speaker help on 2009 X45

Hey guys I purchased a 2009 x45 last year and my sound is not that great. It gets distorted if I turn it up to loud, I have a friend that has a 2007 x45 with the same JL stock equipment and his sounds much better and doesn't distort even at ear bleeding levels.
Couple of things about my boat.

1. The dealer I bought it from replaced one of the forward facing lights in the tower speaker before I bought it, when they put the speaker back in they cut one of the wires going to the speaker. I rolled the wire back together and wrapped with electrial tape, is that suffiecent or will that cause them not to perform at peak levels?

2. The tower speakers the outside rim of the cone has some cracking in it. Is this normal or is that a problem?

3. If the top 2 issues aren't my problem does anyone have a diagram of how the stock JL amps should be setup, there are so many settings on it I don't know where to start.

Thanks guys,
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