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Old 09-26-2013, 10:29 PM
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Up on one on the first try... It's been 15 years!

In July I bought my first MasterCraft. We have spent the remainder of the summer getting the kids used to being behind the boat, gradually progressing from a huge Super Mabel three person tube (more like a floating couch) to a double person O'Brien Le'Tube, to the kids skiing on two skis (thanks to some driving tips you all provided to me). My wife even got up for the first time in almost 25 years.

I have also been working on training my wife how to drive the boat in hopes of getting a pull next spring after my torn left MCL healed (tore it while on an epic 1800 mile back country motorcycle trip in Utah this summer).

Last week my orthopedic surgeon cleared me to ski as long as the water was smooth (and I had not had more than 3 beers - which isn't a problem for me as I have only had one beer on the boat since I bought it, as I'm always the one driving).

Tonight was a fairly light homework night for the girls and the weather was great so we headed to the lake right after an early dinner. My wife skied and then my oldest daughter got in for a run. She fell forward on her start and banged her legs on the skis as she fell. That spooked the youngest off, so here we were, awesome weather, nice smooth water, a rope out and no one ready for a pull... except me... I've been dying to try out the new boat.

I convinced my wife that she would be fine, so I strapped on a jacket and got in. She had never pulled a skier before and was a bit nervous, but she did awesome. I decided that it would be better for my knee to slalom than to be on two skis, but I haven't skied in over 15 years.

I told my wife to accelerate fairly quickly, but smoothly up to 3000 RPM, and she followed those instructions perfectly. I was able to get up on the first try! Man was that awesome!

My oldest took a few iPhone photos, so I thought I would share my first time behind the new boat with you all... I have a long way to go to improve my form and confidence, but man did it feel great!

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