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Originally Posted by Footin View Post
Nice job Jeff, but I'm am quite certain that Josh actually made the repair.
Well.........he was certainly there to tell me I did something wrong!
True story.....I am pulling off the old hose connected to the manifold and the bottom of the cat and I proceed to snap the 2 nylon fittings to which my little helper says..."Dad, remember the guy at the boat store said you should be careful as they are easy to break.....you should have been more careful"

The thought had crossed my mind to replace the fittings with brass however it is not recommended because of the different metals in contact with one another so if you screw up, be sure to buy the nylon fittings ($5.62 each at dealer). And if you break the one off in the manifold, then you are going to have to remove your T-stat housing to thread the new one in so go ahead and pick up a new T-stat and gasket kit while you are at it!!!
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Water tested today and all seems to be good. No leaks, temp stayed 160 and no rubber burning!!!

For anyone who has not already done this, it seems it is a cheap insurance and I was likely lucky from what it sounds like. In speaking with the dealer it sounds like more often than not, when this go unaddressed it results in a exhaust manifold/CAT overheating and major money. You can definitely get this done cheaper than the $120 kit from the dealer as others have pointed out but it would likely be a good move as there seems to be no real rhyme or reason as to when it happens. I am at 600+ hours and it just happened for what it is worth.
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^^^ Good news!!
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