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Originally Posted by paintpollz View Post
unfortunately i took another step back today. was working on the boat and had an accident with a drill. this is my ring finger and its busted pretty good.i was trying to fix my pp gauge and i ended up jabbing this finger with a 1/2" bit. it split it and went deep to the bone. i hope i didnt do any serous muscle or tendon damage ( i know nothing about fingers). i could care less about the break.

i was able to get the wedding ring off and that wasnt a pretty scene. even the doctor was spooked while i was working it over the swollen tissue and wiggling around the broken finger. i thought we were going to cut it off and because i'm a sick and twisted individual i decided to challenge myself to pull it off. dumb

i've got a a pretty high pain tolerance. 10 years of cluster headaches will do that to a man. but right now the whole hand is throbbing like crazy as it swells. i did receive an IV of antibiotics when i was there and i do have amoxicillin that im takin. up until an hour ago i went no pain killers but after doing some work around the house the pain flared up big time. so i took some Vicodin. this happened sat 2pm.

looks like i will be off the slalom course for a while. maybe a good thing,,,i've had a bad attitude about it lately and thats no way to continue on. the hand surgeon will call me on monday to talk about next steps. definitely need a pin to set it. but as i said before, im most concerned about tendon/muscle damage and recovery length.

als, wife and i expecting our first baby any day now, which really complicates things with surgery. too bad i wont be able to hold him at first since my left hand it totally useless. thats ok tho, we'll figure it out, im not worried about that. I'm just hoping he comes tonight or tomorrow so it doesn't complicate things with the surgery.

nobody is allowed to tl;dr this post and go right to the pictures, i typed this one handed
Damn, Kevin, I just saw this post! So sorry to read this!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by tommurtha View Post
nice... so what did you run... have you made a PB on the new ski?
In practice, [email protected]/34. Saturday in the tourney, I scored [email protected]/34.

I know I don't have a snowballs chance in hell of qualifying for nationals ([email protected]/34), but I would still like to have the experience of skiing at a big tournament anyways. Plus it's a way to catch up with alot of ski friends across the state.
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