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Old 10-20-2017, 10:16 PM
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1999 Maristar 210 Shuts Down/Key Switch Issue

A few times this summer, when I hit a big wave, the boat stopped. I would turn the key and it would start and operate normally.
Separately, the gas gage sticks in the full position. If I wrap the dash above the gas gage, I can get it to read properly, sometimes.
Today, in glass conditions, I wrapped the dash fairly hard and the boat stopped. Gas gage still stuck!
The ignition switch seems loose and the entire thing turns left and right with the key once I get to the stops.
I don't care about the gas gage but want to stop it from cutting out. It's obviously something in the dash.
I'm guessing a loose wire on the switch or the switch itself. Has anybody had similar issue? Should I buy a new switch? If so, can anybody recommend a good replacement?
Thanks all.
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Old 10-23-2017, 03:04 PM
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Can't speak to the boat turning off...only thing that caused that for us was the lanyard popping off, so unless it's something there, I don't want to speculate on what that might be.

We had a problem with our speedometer bouncing down to zero and eventually sticking at zero (we'd tap the dash a bit and it'd pop back up sometimes). We used some DeoxIT on the rear of the gauges under the dash and it works perfectly now. Might be worth it to try on your gas gauge?

The ignition switch on our '99 exhibits the same behavior as yours in that you can keep turning the key after the "stops" and the switch will turn with it. Haven't noticed any problems stemming from this, and it may be considered "normal" behavior for our boats.
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Old 10-24-2017, 07:21 PM
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On my 98 200VRS the wood grain panel in the dash and the ignition have a flat spot to prevent spinning. The panel is made out of plastic on the 98 but was changed to metal in 2000 I think. If that spot wears or the panel chips or cracks it will let the switch spin. If you spin too much, the wires connected to the back of the switch can be come loose and lose contact and cause issues. Mine cracked and would let the switch spin. I replaced with the metal ones, which meant moving the ignition to the right of the wheel. Gas gauge still acts up sometimes.
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