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Old 08-12-2015, 08:47 PM
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I would get a 7K lift at an absolute MINIMUM. I used to have a 3,500lb boat (2002 X-star) on a 4K lift. I then upgraded to a 6K lift and then ended up buying a X23. While the 6K lift seems to handle it fine, its pushing its limits and i'm kicking myslef for not buying the 8K. It would have been only another $800 for the 8K; now it will cost $7-8K to upgrade it.

Get a bigger lift than you think you will need or you'll regret it later. Boats are only getting heavier...

I recommend the Basta lifts, they are awesome. For shallow water, i'd go with this one, it has a 53" rise and ideally you want the frame laying as clost to the bottom of the lake as possible for maximum strength:


You can get a canopy for this as well and your tower will fit under it without a problem.
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