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Greg did the same set of dash panels for my 200vrs but I only needed to replace the one with the ignition key. Those steel clips are a pain in the butt to remove, but it can be done. You need a small flat blade screw driver to pry the tabs open, and most likely the old panel is going to fall apart when you apply enough pressure to open the tabs. Since you have a new panel, I would just break the old panel apart because it will make it easier to remove the clips from the lamps. I have removed that type of clip before at work an reused them by flattening them back down, but you can look at hardware or auto stores for new ones. MARK the connectors and install the lamps in the new panel, then press the clips onto each lamp. If the connectors won't fit through the holes, you will have to cut them off and crimp new ones on the wires.

I would be very careful installing the clips back on the lamps. The coating on my new dash panels is very thin and easy to scratch. Also, it takes some force to push the metal clips on (depending on how bent they are) so don't break your new panel.
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Yes sir, you are right - they were a pain. Finally got them all 3 off, cut the connectors off and reinstalled new ones once I fished them through the new panel.

Almost home with all the panels, I only had 1 or 2 knurled's come out when replacing the dash panels. Need to order a few new ones, glue them in (or epoxy) and get the new stainless bolts in.
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