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Old 06-09-2013, 06:35 AM
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2012 ZFT2 Tower Racks repair

Hey everyone. Im surprised that no one else here had problems with the Zft 2 Tower Racks. I had the problem that the Board Racks were very difficult to move. So I built them apart. And the mechanic in there is absolute crap. If you look at the pictures below you can see that the problem lay with me because the processing was very bad. The 8 screws that hold the two plates were not properly sunk in and screwed in at an wrong angle. Thus, the screw heads are rubbed against each other. I tried as best I could to sink the screws better and renew the broken scuffed blue pins. These blue pins have balls with a spring that will engage in the respective positions. After everything was clean and smooth, I have everything still oiled (WD40) I think it would have been better to take grease. Now run the racks like never before. Since I have the boat they ran poorly. But after the winter almost not at all. But I think that after some time the problem will occur again because these mechanics simply can not work. In my opinion. Probably also a reason why these racks were produced only one season.
Hope my explanation helps others.
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Old 06-10-2013, 11:46 AM
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Thanks for your post. I often thought it was unusual that my board racks were "sticky" or didn't want to swing smoothly. They made a grinding sound that sounded painful, but, I thought it was normal. Not having a lot of experience with this, I honestly didn't know.

I am going to disassemble mine and check it out. At the very least, put some grease in there to smooth it out.

Thanks again for sharing.

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