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Old 12-06-2012, 07:36 PM
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Anybody use Windstream for their DSL

Back October, i had the chance to go to Windstream 12mb DSL....... HORRENDOUS RESULTS!!!!

many speed tests showed I was getting 1/2 of 1 mb or less, and numerous times my speeds were around 1/4 of 1 mb with upload speeds about 3/4 of 1 mb.

many calls to tech support only to have them tell me it's my laptop.... well, I'd kept my old 3mb connection with Suddenlink and proved to them that I was maintaining around 3mb consistently.
Then I ran speedtests at the school with the same laptop and get 15mb to 25mb consistently.

well, after I proved it wasn't the laptop, they told me they "oversold the D-slam connections" and had not upgraded their equipment. and it would be done by November 23rd.

my upload was actually faster than my download
Refused to pay for it for 2 months, they said I owed something like $115.00 ... On November 26th. I used their online support link, sent them a letter and a spreadsheet of speedtests.
Called yesterday, and apparently they hadn't gotten it

Asked the lady to disconnect me, she checked with a supervisor and proceeded to close the account and ZERO the balance out.

What a PITA!!!!!
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I use it and they are horrible - I am in North Atlanta. Called last week and they said that have been "upgrading" since June and would not be done until December. I think I am cancelling too. How did you do that speed test sheet? I just dont want to deal with the Comcast PITA install.
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