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Old 12-05-2017, 08:48 AM
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Used Smartphones - iPhone, Samsung, Others

I wanted to post a new thread here to sort of retire the old one since the heading isn't quite correct. I do more than just 6s and 6s plus. Anyways, here is the old thread for reference to see that several TT members have purchased from me:


I have a very small side business where I sell gently used and ready for activation iphones. Verizon, ATT, and t mobile. If you need a network that isn't listed, more than likely verizon or ATT unlocked phones will work great!

I will price them under online market value. I establish market value by a couple of online places that used phones.

Currently I have 6s and 7's . If you are looking for a particular phone that I don't have on this list, just let me know what you are looking for and I can probably get it within and week or two, again beating market value.

My phone tend to fall into 2 categories:

Mint or near mint: This means their are either absolutely no imperfections on the phone whatsoever or they are very difficult to see. An example of this would be having what I call micro-scratches on your phone that can only be seen when the phone is off and you bounce the light just right.

Good: This will have some light scratching and perhaps some small nicks. This category is hard to describe because there are so many variations.

If you purchase a phone from me, you will get very detailed photos of just the damaged places so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Also, I guarantee the phone will never be blacklisted. If you ever have an issue with this, I will gladly take a return from you with postage cost coming from me. However, I have never had an issue with this because I thoroughly vet my phones.

PM me if you are interested, let me know what network you have as well.

Disclaimer: Be very careful with purchasing phones on Craigslist or any other source that doesn't protect you. I can take several weeks to get a phone blacklisted.

Here are some things to know as stated in the previous thread:

Make sure you check the imei number to verify it isn't blacklisted and fully paid off. A clean imei number can still be blacklisted if the phone isn't paid off.

A big scam of what people do is purchase a phone on an installment plan, sell their phone to someone and the imei number checks out, then they cancel their phone service and you get stuck with an expensive brick.

If anyone has an questions about a phone they are buying, feel free to PM me the imei number and I would be happy to check it for you for free even if you don't purchase it from me! I don't want anyone getting scammed out there.
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