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Old 04-22-2013, 10:41 PM
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How did you "mess up" the decal install?
(Not a condescending question - just wondering what you think you did wrong.)
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Old 04-22-2013, 11:16 PM
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Mostly tried to rush it.. Had the boat on the drive way the side that is all blocked in.>thought I could do that side outside and finish the other side up while back in the garage.. And the crazy part was its not like I was going to take it out anytime soon after that..so yeah I still have the other side but that one got buggered up pretty bad..Tried to do it slow and i figured out it wasn't something I have done with out a helper and had much better results.
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Old 07-18-2013, 01:13 PM
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chrome air exhaust vents

Originally Posted by lakeoz tristar View Post
Wish I had a better picture (driver side rear corner red showing through right at the edge) but I had a pretty bad spot from the previous owner so I thought what the heck I can fix that or at least try to fix it.. My real problem is that I think there was repairs made at some point to this boat either with get coat, paint or just fading because there are color variations all over, Might just be the age of the boat and patterns of fading from the sun, not really sure..Some areas are a real dull grey and others are white in contrast... Regardless I was trying to patch this are.. I sanded down the rough edges and a bit further out into the gel coat and filled with evercoat formula 27 that made it looked better than it was.. After sanding that all down I started the next step applying Evercoat Polyester Gel Paste #100695.. The first batch never set it was either too cold or not enough hardener.. Second batch set up fine, The problem with this batch was that the PVA release agent when I sprayed it on it was in too powerful spray bottle so it basically cut right through the gel coat and made a mess. Cleaned all that out before it set.. Now round three, didn't have access to another spray bottle so I covered this set up with cling wrap.. Set up fine only problem was that it looked horrible once dried looked like a brain or worm trails all through it.. That coat set up so basically I had to sand that all off so I am at square one.. I read all the posts I could find on here.. If any one has any suggestions at my next attempt I am glad to hear them..

My next thought was to get the preval spray and thin this down and try to spray it on this time and use another preval sprayer to apply the PVA release agent..Any thoughts if this is the right route to go? Also I wanted to work on some other dinged up areas once I can get this fixed up, spider cracks on the swim deck, also want to get practice as there is a spot on my other boat I need to repair..
Where did you get the chrome air exhaust vents...like the look....btw boat looks great!
I own a Tristar as well..1989...love it!! Great boat!!
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