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Where is your temp sensor located for your gauge, on the port-side cylinder head or on the mixer at the front of the engine? Mine is on the mixer, but other LT-1's have the sensor on the head. Just wondering why Indmar did that....mine runs cold too but no unburned gas smell.

Maybe you need a new set of spark plugs? Or it's running rich for some reason?
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Originally Posted by pram View Post
The light doesn't come on at all, that is the issue that I am having with it
If you have the dash apart, trace the two wires from the back of the check engine light to where they connect in the dash. Let me know what you find. The light may be miswired or just burned out. You can test the light by connecting 12v across it to make sure it's not burned out. Ground on the back of the gauges is the black wire and purple is 12v when the ignition is switched on.
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Old 07-09-2012, 12:48 PM
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I took a heat gun out with me yesterday and sure enough it is 140 at the sensor location for the ECM but it is also 143 or so at the top thermostat housing, where there is a 160 installed.

on the brighter side though I did put some seafoam in the tank (2 cans actually) and I am noticing a change in the fuel smell at the back and my idle is smoother
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