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Old 08-28-2013, 03:57 PM
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Not sure what is wrong with my X7

I have been having a reoccurring problem this summer that has kept me from using the boat since about July.
The problem first occurred about two seasons ago during the last outing for the season. We put the boat in a it fired up as it always did. My friend took the first barefoot run all the way to the end of the river. I shut the boat off when he got in the boat so I could get ready for a run. When we tried to start the boat it would not completely turn over. It sounded similar to what the motor does when the safety lanyard is disconnected. We check just that and it was snug. The next thing you would think was if the fuel pump was going dead. By that point we received a tow back to the ramp. When we got back home I hooked it up to a fake lake and it fired right up like nothing happened. At this point I decided to just winterize it and deal with the issue in the spring.

The next spring I took the boa out to test it and it fired right up with no problems. So I used it all season with no issue.

Forward to this season- I had the same situation reoccur. When we put the boat in it fired right up as usual but once the boat was turned off it would not restart on a hot start.
After talking with the dealer we concluded that the fuel pump must be dying when it got hot. I replaced the fuel pump with a friend and quickly found out that it was not the issue as the problem happened again.

At this point I decided it would just be best to take it to our dealer.(They are AWESOME by the way and this post isn't in anyway directed towards them). The head mechanic concluded that it was either the ECM-Electronic Computer Module or possibly the fact that the distributor cap was corroded beyond anything I've seen before. So we decided to go with the cheaper repair first but that didn't fix it.
So we were left with the ECM replacement which was recommended by Indmar's engineer.
We went out after the ECM replacement and the problem continued.

That puts us where I am today. They Dealer has my boat and they are working to try and figure out the cause of the problem. I am getting good fuel pressure, spark, and voltage.
The boat always fires up on a cold start but as soon as it gets hot and it is shut off it won't fire back up on a warm start.
2004 Yellow X7
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