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Old 04-25-2012, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by oxberger View Post
Good Lord no! I don't need convincing. I'd like to think my eyes are open to what's going on, but I just do not see how choosing the lesser of two evils and compromising my beliefs makes our country any better. I really don't believe Romney can beat Obama anyway. Romney's record is horrible and Obama will rake him across the coals regarding his big banking background (eventhough Obama is just as tied into them as Romney is). The good thing is there is still time. The mainstream media is hiding the fact that Ron Paul has already accumulated a lot of delegates and is continuing to do so. Based on delegate count he's won in Iowa and Missouri, but you won't hear that from any of the major networks or news sources.
If you want to reason that way, you could say the Media/Press has concealed Ron Paul for the past 30 yrs of his career...since he has not been unable to get elected out of the House of Reps to become a Senator or a Governor ? He has been unable to get any Political Traction to move ahead. That's his record.

Romney has a successful Business and Political record. And he has the most delegate votes, Newt has dropped out, and Santorum is endorsing Romney.

You can have your own opinion......but you cannot have your own facts.
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