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Old 02-09-2018, 10:04 AM
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Cool 1980s Mastercraft Pro Comp / Prostar Project

Hey Mastercraftlers,

recently got my first Boat, and it is a Mastercraft Pro Comp / Prostar, round about 1980's.
Boat was made in England (See my other Thread), is actually in good shape, the carpet, upholstery, decals, gelcoat must have been done in recent past.

What has been done by me:
-New Boat Cover (end of 2017)
-Complete Motor Inspection (end of 2017)

What I will be doing (2018):
-Audio Upgrade
-Got 2 brand new m262 really cheap on ebay to replace the old "Boss Marine" speakers in the front
-A "Gauge/Round" marine radio was installed (PreOwner) under the passenger seat, will first keep the radio, just put it on the under dash part.
-Would like 2 Rockford Fosgate m282 as Tower Speakers
-A 5 Channel Amp and a 10 Inch Sub (Build something for that in the Bow)
-Thinking of a second Battery?
-New Gauges (Faria Euro Black)
-New Wiring of Dash Gauges, Switches and Audio
-New Dash plates - Black Powder Coated
-New Steering Wheel (Prob. something more modern, thinking of a Raid)
-Glove box (Really hate that there is little space to store stuff)
-Radio in the below dash (Seen a few good examples here)
-New Switches on the below dash
-Swimdeck will be sanded and oiled
-Black Powder Coating of a few pieces here and there
-Build Side Panels (Original ones must have taken a walk in the past)
-Either Build a complete new Back Seat, or just replace the Bottom piece cause the wood is totally trashed.
-Maybe throw in a Bimini
-Buff her up a bit

What I am thinking of doing (2018/2019):
-New Carpet (Darker, Grey, maybe even Black)
-Upholstery (More like the modern Mastercraft 2017/2018, in Mocca/Brown)
-New Hull Color (Complete Grey?)

It's pretty hard to get Parts here in Germany, and when we do, it's really expensive!
Will order the Gauges(Faria Euro Black Set 250$), Tower Speakers (Rockford Fosgate m282 - 850$) and maybe new Decals out of the US.
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Opinion column $0.02

The location of the exhaust ports say post 81 (inside the primary stringers).

The UK boat is indeed different but only because the UK did/does not have the federal requirements that are in the US (USCG). So what I think is only relative to what I know US based. However aside from a few things here and there, they are pretty much the same.

As for the placard: MBC is Mastercraft Boat Company, UK (country?), 19 (length of the hull), J (month of October build???) F(?), 222R (unique serial number?), DD (direct drive?). Don't quote me on anything except the MCB .

Also look at the fuel cell and see what year it was manufactured. I have come to find that most of the fuel cells' manufacture date are very close to the same year model. I am also curious as to whom the manufacturer is; Moeller possibly?

Probably many variations of consideration...throttle control, blower location, fuel filler, fuel tank capacity, under-floor construction, thru-vent covers, internal ventilation configuration, etc...

Nice looking boat as it is other than the overhead tubular gadget. This is merely my take on it and whatever you do I feel certain you'll be happy with the boat itself. If you ditch the old gauges, I'd be interested in getting them if they become available.

I'll be glad to help with parts, etc from the US if you need them. I also have a few extra parts in my shop.

Best on the boat and enjoy!!

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John 14:6

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Hey waterlogged882,

thanks for the long post and your Opinion! Love hearing what other people's opinion's of the boat

I hear you, but it sounds like already have a mixture of about everything from every year prior to the 90's

Dash & Gauges:
About the Dash, I wanted to get new one's made, and kind of "Plug-and-Play" the whole dash. So, basically saving the old Gauges and the OEM brushed aluminum (It even has "Ski Lap Times" on it). All gauges work, except for the Battery (Will check that one). The RPM seems to be new though? Ok ok, maybe I'll clean up the switches, and re-wire them, I think at the moment there is only 1 Working (Nav), havn't found out what the rest are for? I know there should be a Blower & Bilge Switch. The Bilge switch is newer and is mounted on the left side, want to get rid of that one and wire it to the right side.

Steering Wheel:
Was also thinking about a OEM Wheel, just can't find one here! What kind of Steering wheel do you have? Maybe shout a pic out over PM? EDIT: Ok, nice wheel! Will think about that one!!

Well, I also feel you here! The tower was thrown on buy a PO. We do alot of Wakeboarding here, and I must say, it has an Awesome wake for Wakeboarding for a boat that is supposed to be for Skiing. I actually don't really like the look of it, but, a tower in generell, is really nice to have, when Wakeboarding.

Glove Box:
Yeah, so, means there was a "Box" that the original Mirror was stored? The old Mirror holes are still there.... what some idiot did, is put in 2 really small "Boxes", basically, a Phone and maybe keys will fit So, someone messed that up already :-/ That is why, i was thinking, maybe put in a box with a lid?

The fuel cell:
Will check as soon as I am back at my boat, it's currently in "Winter" Hibernation
Will update you an that one!

When I bought the boat, got home, and just looked at her, like beeing in love for the first time again, i thought to myself, something is missing.... the Side Panals! So, that is something that i would really like to build, just not 100% sure what they used to look like, seen alot of different variations of OEM side panals, some go right to the back of the boat with the Rear seat between, some are between the rear seat and passenger...

Btw. someone did a Dash that I likes alot, wasn't it you?
Like how the Radio was placed, and the 3 piece below dash - that is kinda of what i was thinking, but just to save the old parts aswell....

Here's a pic:
2nd pic of an Interior that I think is pretty sweet, there you can see the side panels that i think would be nice - love the upholstery btw, nice colors and the Back seat is looking really good!
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Old 02-09-2018, 12:04 PM
waterlogged882 waterlogged882 is offline
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Boat: 93 190
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Your boat will look just fine when you're done.

I can see the new look perspective as well as my embedded and purist opinion.

The more I think about it, the more appealing it is to see your ideas as well.

Switches: blower (2-way on/off), bilge (3-way on/off/auto), navigation (bow/stern/ navigation/anchor), horn, and maybe an accessory?

There are wiring diagrams available, etc. Not much that isn't posted here somewhere or on a few other sites.

Let me know if I can assist with US parts. I have shipped to several different people across the ocean.

Thanks for sharing.

You've got a winner there.
John 14:6
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