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Originally Posted by 03x30 View Post
That looks awesome! I have to do something w/ my x-30 dash (basically the same as yours, but aluminum) .. any tips on taking the dash apart? I started to look at it and didn't know where to start.
Frank nailed it with his great explanations.

I only have a few thing to add. Remove the vertical carpeted panel where your feet go, this will give you more room to get your head in there so you can see what you're doing and be comfortable while you're doing it (maybe even grab an old pillow to prop your head up, like Frank said you could be there a while). I was in a hurry when I did mine, it was cold and the carpet was wet so I didn't spend as much time checking things out as I should have. Like Frank said, I removed the whole panel (removed the steering wheel assembly) but if I were to do it again I would remove the individual wood grain panels that are held in my the wing nuts not the whole assembly.

Take your time and look for the factory connectors, these will help you remove groups of wires. I took a lot of bad angle digital pictures that help when I was reassembling the dash but I did not get every wire so I was scratching my head some. When I had it apart I also added a few extra connectors so if I had to remove it again it would be easier to remove. Napa sell connectors, like flat trailer wire connectors, in varying numbers of wires.

I hope that helps, it's not a hard or difficult job just take your time and either mark everything well or take a lot of good clear photos or both!!

I started to panic when I reassembled mine when I was looking at all the wires and did not know where they all went.

The other thing is when you have the dash panels out there are a lot of wires you have to remove from the gauges so take a lot of pics of the wires there also!!!

Hope that helps,
My progress thread: 1998 Maristar 200 VRS
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