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Old 11-12-2013, 06:03 PM
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new boat stereo options

DHPRO's thread got me thinking about my options again. I'm getting 2014 and I pulled my system out of my 2012. Here's what I've got sitting in my basement: 12" RF P3 sub powered by RF Prime 1000W RMS amp, 2 WS rev 8's for the tower powered by a RF R600-4D, bridged to give me 300W RMS X 2, and an Alpine 500PDXF6, which gives me 150W RMS X 4 for the in boat speakers.

My original plan was to get the standard stereo and then install my same system. The sub amp is mounted on the sub box and sits under the coffin seat. I mounted the other 2 amps above the batteries.

Here are my concerns with the original plan:

My tower speakers were intermittently cutting out. The amp was saying it was going into protect mode from a short circuit. I checked my connections when I pulled everything out, so either there was a problem with the factory portion of the wiring, or my amp has an internal issue. Any ideas on how to verify my amp is good?

I won't have the upgraded Fusion 700 which gives you better audio control from the driver's seat, including zoned volume control. I guess I could always buy it aftermarket and install it myself for $420.

The other option is to get the high performance stereo option, which gets the upgraded Fusion 700, a sub and a 5 channel amp for the sub and in boat speakers. The in boat speakers would be underpowered, unless I install my amp, but then I don't have an amp for the factory sub. I would still install my sub and tower speakers and tower speaker amp. The other option is I could leave the in boat speakers powered by the factory amp and use my old in boat speaker amp to power the tower speakers since my original tower speaker amp is questionable. I don't want to increase my number of amps because there just isn't room to mount them, so that gives me the 1000W amp mounted on my sub box plus 2 amps over the batteries.

Any thoughts/recommendations?
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