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Originally Posted by Timdog145 View Post
JimN: Where would you recommend mounting battery 2? battery 1 is under the spotter's seat so the bow is the closest place to it, and as far as I can tell it is the only place I can get it to fit. under the back seat is not an option on the '89.
And Cloaked: pardon my ignorance because I am a brand new Mastercraft owner. Can I screw into the floor into the bow anywhere? What material is the deck made of under the carpet? The bow storage area is the only place I can find to fit the battery, and it would be somewhat easier to wire in and isolator because of its proximity to the original battery under the spotter's seat. Did you make it so the whole battery box is removable so you dont have to lift the battery out of the box?
Under the passenger seat is your best bet for the start battery, but your original post referenced only a second auxiliary battery.

The floor deck does not extend beyond the floor surface, so don't go running drywall screws () into the hull. Once you leave the floor area, that's where it stops. Go back and carefully read what I described as the area of where I mounted mine. It's in the floor but adjacent to the bow/hull. You can screw most anywhere on the floor surface but don't get up on the sides. That's all hull and nothing but water on the other side... use extra caution before drilling or screwing anything anywhere... think it through.....

The floor is a typical wood product with maybe a coat of epoxy resin, or similar treatment / material. It will hold a wood screw.

Wire the isolation switch wherever is practical to obtain the shortest wire run (cost effective) and what is convenient to you for reaching the switch. Mine is about 6" too far forward so I have to reach an extra grunt to get to it. .

The battery box sits on the floor, period. There are two small brackets that mount to the floor and you set the box in between them, running the strap through the brackets and under the box, then across the top of the box. Everything is portable.

You're on the right track. I too used an isolation switch but had I to do it again, I'd go with what the original poster used (less wire, cost effective). Simple and effective. However there is nothing wrong with using a switch.

Using a vented battery box will allow you to make all of your connections within the box (with lid on), where required. Plan for your fusing as well. I used terminal block fuses and the box/lid will allow with a little room to spare.

Work in progress below (that is a center, interior, vertical kick panel that I have for mounting the switch, etc, not a hull area)

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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
..Some of you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "another @sshole with a Mastercraft."

RE: Thrall, Welcome to the club....


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