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Old 10-15-2013, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by craig3972 View Post
what do you think about a JL mhd 600 to drive 2 bullets on the tower? 2channels @300wrms?
Hello Craig,
Well, the MHD600 is conservatively rated. JL Audio was abusing that amplifier in initial tests just to see what it could do and it shut down a 100 amp power supply. So it's a beast. The HD/MHD600 is actually two discrete two-channel amplifiers in one chassis with an independent front and rear power supply (or left to right power supplies once bridged). Also, it's strictly regulated so it will at least deliver its rated power with any reasonable supply voltage. I consider 250 watts per speaker the max for a HollowPoint 770. Would I ever have a problem running that much power on the HP770? Nope. But I wouldn't trust everyone with it. It all depends on how you take care of your possessions.
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