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Originally Posted by BudmanV24 View Post
I just figured that as small as those crossovers were they would be overwhelmed and allow unwanted frequencies to the tweeters. Or am I completely off target on basic principles of how they function? In one of my previous auto installs I had people mistake my crossovers (Goertz, Solen, Mundorf) for amps. While I was running 400wrms per speaker in that install the crossovers themselves ate up a lot of the power.

Note taken on sealing the enclosures as they do have lights.

And I keep my h/u (cmd-4, which I despise) flat...0 bass, 0treb.
The 770 has a second order highpass on the tweeter consisting of a series capacitor and parallel inductor. These components are very precisely matched to both the tweeter frequency response and the tweeter impedance response and are completely interdependent. The 770 is a precision reproduction instrument, with proprietary parts and domestically built. If the right cap or coil is not available, they will have it custom built. I wouldn't tinker with it. They took no cost-saving short-cuts and you will not have a problem with the crossover. Typically, the size of the crossover components have more to do with the frequency application and less to do with power handling before saturation.
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