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Old 10-09-2013, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaxon4 View Post
I am looking at buying a Hydro Hoist lift for my 89 Tristar. My only concern is looking at lift it seems the clearance from the back metal bar that runs from the float to the other float is very small clearance!! My question is when fully out of the water will the prop and rudder and shaft have enough room...It must be close. I dont want to lift it for the first time and mess my stuff! Any thoughts!!??
Originally Posted by Jaxon4 View Post
sure..I think i have the non-tall brackets
I am a little confused? Did you buy the lift? just considering? or have an existing and looking at changing?

Assuming you have the boat on a trailer now; Lift bunks will likely be positioned similar to the trailer bunks. Measure how much clearance is needed for prop and fins if equipped.
Sounds like you already measured the clearance of the potential lift bunks as it sets now?

If there is not enough clearance for fins, I would definitely look at longer legs or a different lift. Longer replacement legs cost $$ so it may be more cost effective to buy a different lift than modify this one. With the two measurements and preferably while at the potential lift, I would give HydroHoist or an EXPERIENCED dealer/installer a call to see what options you have. They can do about anything with height as long as you have sufficient water depth.

Being a DD your center of gravity will likely be further forward than a V drive so you might not have to pull on as far but the prop may be further under the boat?
Limiting lines are a good idea and really only come into play when raising, assuming your lift extends well below the prop when fully down. Ideally, I would shoot for 100% clearance, compromise is fine but $$ saved will be lost the first prop you ding due to improper lift.

You will always be perfect but there is always that helpful friend/family or the one time you let someone else put the boat up without you being there that bad things can happen.
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